appetite is gone on SD?

  1. appetite is gone on SD?

    is this normal? it's killing me... im force feeding everything I eat. This is just to kick off my test cycle (500mg-12 weeks)

  2. It happened to me as well. I just tried to put as much food as I could down. Make your meals small, but high in calories. Get some fats in as calories too. Try some Safflour oil in milk. Four tablespoons of Saff. oil is 480 calories. Good luck my friend.

  3. yup its known to happen

  4. same here. v noticable imo also no buzz when training.

  5. this is a very common occurence with the methylated oral steroids. Happened to me on SD and also with Anadrol, but to a lesser extent. Dianabol on the other hand makes me want to eat like a bastard..

  6. thanks, kinda had me worried a little bit. I feel like it's holding back some of my gains... only about a week of superdrol left anyways, and it feels like the test is just now starting to kick in mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I never had this problem with 1-test, or 1-ad/4-ad


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