I just popped my first Ergomax...

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  1. Red face I just popped my first Ergomax...

    Well, here I go again. I've been back to the gym for about a month now after two 6-month long, back to back layoffs due to shoulder injuries. Unfortunatly, I can not continue to be AS serious as I used to be about training. No more bench presses, no more shoulder presses, no more Arnold presses, and a few other things - all history. But, I'm going to make the best with what I can.

    So, about 2 hours ago, I popped my first Ergomax along with NGorge about 30 minutes afterwards, then started training. Tonight was back and biceps.. I had a wonderful placebo effect and went heavier on everything with perfect form. That's always very nice...

    Here are my questions.. What are my best options to stack with out of the following (that I have): Nordiol, 4AD (my prostate doesn't like 4AD very much), Prostanozol, Superdrol (ahh, probably not), Finigenx (the original), M4OHN, 5AA (don't think my prostate will like that either).. I have a few more but I forget what they are.. Oh, I have Max LMG as well...

    What PCT is most-recommended for this type of cycle (I have everything I need)? What nutrients do you take along with Ergomax (and whatever else I may stack with it)? I have all the basics.. And what does a good cycle look like? I know there are a few examples out there but if I can get the latest and greatest answers to these questions, I'd really appreciate it..

    Thanks for reading.....

  2. Well.. As an FYI. I'm probably going to stack the Ergomax with Finigenx. I'm following the procedure noted by NP:

    Take 3mls three times per day at least 6-8 hours apart for the first 2 weeks. Increase to 6mls three times per day 6-8 hours apart for 6 weeks. Finish off the cycle with the original 3mls 3 times per day 6-8 hours apart.

    If anyone has any further advice, please let me know..


  3. You could also try something like E Max with Max, 4-AD, and maybe Pros. if your prostate could handle it. That would be quite a stack, I would imagine.

  4. My prostate blows... Even on a Nordiol/4AD cycle, I felt bloating after just 3 or 4 days.. I don't think taking Ergomax and Finigenx is very popular.. I hope that's not for a reason...

  5. Ahh.. I just realized I only have 3 120mg bottles of Finigenx.. I'm going to have to buy another bottle or two.. Should I go ahead and do that or use something else in my arsenal?

  6. For some reason, I'm drawing a blank with Finigenx.

    But you could stack it with Max LMG or Pros. Maybe both.

  7. yeah i think its fine to use fini, ive read about great strength gains with it. diplomats used it and loves that ****. go look for his logs and you'll see how well the stuff works.

    id say if you have it run it.

  8. Thank you very much for the replies.. Is it okay to take both of these (Ergomax and Finigenx) at the same time? Or should I separate the dosages. I was thinking one Ergomax around 9am and another around 9pm - and Finigenx around 9am, 3pm and 9pm...

  9. Ahh.. I just took my first dosage of Finigenx.. Tasty stuff.. I took 3ml... I'm really crossing my fingers that my shoulders don't give out any time soon.. I'm probably not going to go "all out" with the weights, unfortunately... So, I hope I get something out of this...

  10. Oh, by the way. Here are the results of my bloodtest (taken pre-cycle):

    Total Cholesterol: 209
    Triglycerides: 247
    HDL: 48.8
    LDL: 111
    Hemo ALC (?): 5.8
    Glucose: 97

    My diet was very bad and I was very lethargic for a period before this test. So, I think my numbers are normally better than this.. But, there it is.. I'll have my bloodwork done again after my little cycle...

  11. Oh, Finigenx. I remember it now. Looks like interesting stuff.

    Now you've got me interested. I'm going to be doing a Phera-Plex cycle soon and now I might add some Finigenx.

    BTW, did they change the formula at some point?

  12. Yes, the formula was changed but now it appears to be back to normal.. There are some discussions here about it - somewhere.. Something to do with the 19-Nor...

  13. Okay. "Magnum" is: 19-norandrosta-4 9-diene-3, 17-dione: 25mg
    Non-"Magnum" is: Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 25mg

  14. Just another note. I'll be using Rebound XT, Activate and Fenugreek for PCT unless anyone feels I should be using something more powerful. I do have several options available...

    It would be nice to get some input from a few more people... Thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism.....

  15. Isn't PP the same as e-Max LMG? I thought they both were 10mg parabolix. Anybody stacked e-Max and SD? I have seen where some have done split cycles. Would that be better than a 8 week cycle of one or the other? Sorry for so many questions, but you can't learn without asking...
    I just finished week 4 of e-Max. Gained about 12lbs. Eating like a horse. I'm also a little bloated, but strength is up and pumps are great. Doing a scoop of NO Xplode on an empty stomach before hitting the gym at 5am each morning. Starting to look forward to PCT and getting my abs back...

  16. I'm pretty sure there's on extra ingredient in PP that makes it different.. It's been discussed before. Try a search. I'm not positive about it myself..

    I tried N'Gorge two nights ago. I had a slight headache yesterday morning, so I took a half dose. By the afternoon, my head was exploding.. I'd read that NO2 can cause headaches so I'm staying away from it for a little while. I should probably just use it after I'm "off"...

  17. Be careful on that prostate, I don't think (from my experience) that it is too kind at all and if you had problems with 4AD then it is very possible you will with Ergo. Hey man if your having problems with your shoulders try the DC stretching routine and try the 12-15 rep range using the 1 second concentric and 3 second eccentric (thanks to B5150).

    My PCT w/ Max and Ergomax was pretty rough, maybe that was attributed to Ultra HOT but man I was shutdown hard. Ill use Clomid and Nolva in all my PCT's from now on and really look forward to trying Activate.

  18. My prostate is okay so far (only 2 days).. My shoulder is a bad sitaution, though. I don't think stretches (or anything for that matter) is going to help. I think I have a unique problem: Severely laterally downsloping acromion (contributing to impingement)...

  19. I would take something for your Total Cholesterol: 209 which is a little high.( if your are not already) Cissus Rx helped me and others alot with shoulder conditions, may be worth a shot.

  20. Thanks. I do have some Cissus and I might give it a try. It seems my issue is from bones scraping against one another. What do you think Cissus can do? It would be great if it had some kind of positive affect...

    On another note, my prostate started feeling a little iffy yesterday.. I started taking Beta Sitosterol and Saw Palmetto and I'm skipping my Ergomax this morning.. I'm still taking the Finigenx. If I feel okay, I'll add the Ergomax back this evening and see what happens...

  21. What does an iffy prostate feel like? Just wondering?

  22. Bloating, primarily. Uncomfortable to sit (which I do all day). Even uncomfortable to walk. Urination a bit restricted...

  23. Cissus works gradually stregthens bones and tendons, it has angeleslic properties as well. I think it would be a great addition to your stack due to your pre condition plus the strength increase you will have which may cause further stress on your shoulder when working out other area that indirectly work the shoulder.

    Are you taking anything for Cholesterol? 209 is a little high and additional androgens will only increase that number. Niacin, garlic, red yeast rice all are good, easy to get additions.

  24. Another FYI. I'm having a little less prostate trouble after using the Saw Palmetto and Beta Sitosterol. Maybe it's just a placebo affect, but that's good enough for me. It's not perfect, but an improvement. Let's see how I feel tomorrow...

  25. I've been reading here about how PP is a lot like Ergo with less Androgenic side effects.. I just purchased two bottles of PP and even though I'm doing better as far as my prostate in concerned (the Saw Palmetto and Beto Sitosterol are helping) - I still have a tiny bit of discomfort. I'm curious about whether or not PP will have even less effect on my prostate. Would it be okay to switch right now since both Ergo and PP are relatively similar?

    Thanks in advance...


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