How do I differentiate BA from BB without labels?

  1. How do I differentiate BA from BB without labels?

    Long story short, I think a certain research company *may* have mis-labeled a bottle of BA as BB, (which would explain one incredibly painful test prop experiment I did).

    They had screwed up my order a few ways, and they sent me this bottle of 'BB' because it didn't come the first time around. I'm suspect it's not BB.

    Now I have more BB from another place, so I can use the stuff I know is real, but is there any way I can test to see if this is real, or am I just better hucking it?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I think test prop is inherently an "incredibly painful" experiment anyway (compared to other more user-friendly versions). Might be the prop, not the BB/BA.

  3. Oh, yes, I'm aware of prop pain. After reducing the concentration to 50mg/ml it was pain free, but I also heated a few times getting down to that concentration, which may have burned off some BA. At which point I reformulated with BB I trusted. So even though I got it pain free, it doesn't rule out the BA theory.

    But like I said before, I have reason not to trust the BB to be what it claims.

    But back on topic: Is there any test I can perform to differentiate between BA and BB?

  4. I think BB has a more slippery feel to it and BA has that alcohol smell to it more..

  5. BA smells sort like bitter almonds but relatively intense, BB doesn't smell a lot and the fragrance is quite damped.

  6. Thanks for the info, guys. I'll put these characteristics to the test later this afternoon.

  7. Any updates.

  8. Okay.

    I definetly could smell the bitter almond smell -- in both of them -- they smelled identical.

    Viscosity and slipperiness were identical as well.

    This supports my theory. I believe said research company mislabeled this bottle of BA as BB.

  9. Hey RC, sent you a CR email. It doesnt hurt to bump this anyway. This could be dangerous. Imagine 22% BA?

    I'm gonna feel my stuff good and smell my stuff good from now on...


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