M1,4 and prostan?

  1. M1,4 and prostan?

    I'm wanting to run a lean bulker in december. I know m1,4 will bloat me but I'm going to slowly increase the dose to help control it and maybe run some rxt as needed. I'm wanting to use up some old stuff I have. dont have access to real gear anymore but do have some phs. any thoughts on the stack or should I add something else.

    weeks 1-6 m1,4 and prostan 75mg
    m1,4 starting at 90mg and increasing till I get too bloated.

    wk 1 rxt 75mg nolva 20mg retain, 200mg dhea, zma, gxr
    wk 2 rxt 75mg retain, 200mg dhea, zma, gxr
    wk 3 rxt 50mg retain, zma, gxr
    wk 4 rxt 25mg retain, zma, gxr

    not set on pct might modify it when time gets closer.

  2. i would run the prost 2 weeks after your m14add end so it can harden up gains. if you dont want to use it for 8 weeks, start taking the prost 2 weeks into the cycle and continue on till 2 weeks after the m14 is done.

  3. pro under 100+mg is useless,my 02..

  4. thanks guys I think I will try your suggestions. noone sees a problems with stacking the two?

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