19-nor, 4-AD, MDHT and MOHN

  1. 19-nor, 4-AD, MDHT and MOHN

    I am nearly three weeks into a 19-nor and 4-AD ph stack 6 week cycle(600mg TD/1000 mg oral).

    Have managed to get some MDHT and MOHN fairly cheap and just wondering if it would be worth adding one of these in the last three weeks. Am looking to bulk and have gained 5lbs already, was thinking of adding 8mg-12mg ED of MOHN and taking 25mg of MDHT pre-workout or do you think this would be too much. I am experiencing no sides from the 19-nor/4-ad so far, except testicular atrophy?

  2. use the MDHT at 50-75mg/day split up, big dose 1 hour pre-workout for the remaining weeks. Save the M4 for when you can run it 6 weeks straight, and at higher doses if possible

  3. Ok sounds good... will keep the M4OHN for my next cutting cycle. will start with 25mg and work on to 75mg on the final week as I'm worried about getting the rage!!

    Thanks for the advice.

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