Start my first cycle this tuesday! I'm Stoked!

  1. Start my first cycle this tuesday! I'm Stoked!

    I will be starting my first cycle this coming Tuesday. I had planned on it being Monday but this hurricane thing is screwing with it. I will be running Test E for 12 weeks at 500mg/Week and Dbol weeks 1-4 at 35mg ED. I will also be on Max LMG/Prostanazol weeks 10-14 and then immediately start my PCT thereafter which will be Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 and I will also probably get Lean Extreme. The nolva will also be run mon/wed/fri at 10mg to keep gyno from appearing since I am prone to estrogen. My first shot will be in my delt since I hear that's an easy place, and then I will rotate with my glutes. 25g 1inch for delts, 23g 1 inch for glutes.

    The main question I have is heating my oil. Should I do it, and if so, how should I go about it?

  2. just run the barrel of the syringe under some warm, NOT HOT, tap water before you pin.

    also, i wouldn't pin more than 1.5cc's in your delt for the first time. i love quads but some people hate them. glutes are fun for the whole family

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    depending on how big you are, i wouldnt do more than 1CC in your delts to begin with just to see how you deal with them...sometimes they can be painful, sometimes they arent. I like quads...they are easy to shoot and quite painless...never shot in the glutes...not that flexable....

  4. hey uber..where you from? i might know you! goodluck man!

  5. well i pinned for the first time yesterday. didnt phase me at all. sucked up the oil and shot. no "physcing" myself out involved. i had a hard time tho. it took about 30 seconds to get all the oil out and i was pushing pretty friggin hard. i had a hard time drawing out the oil tho. i did the suck 1cc of air and push it in the vial and suck out but i still had a hard time drawing it out. any other suggestions? my syringes are 5cc as well. made it a little difficult to work with. didnt really have any other problems. my shoulder is a little soar. feels like i have a big bruise but nothing serious. from reading on the board i guess thats pretty normal so i wasnt worried.

    im bummed about my dbol. i only have 100 tabs that are 10mg each so i was planning on doing 35mg ED but when i try to split them they almost crumble so im going to have to either take 30mg ED or 40. Ive been doing 40 today and yesterday but the problem is that will only last me 25 days so i will have to cut it just short of 4 weeks. any ideas to help me out with that?

  6. yeah just use 30mg it will be more than fine

  7. on a first cycle just try the 30 mg and see how you do with that...

  8. You didn't drop us any stats, so I'm not sure what to suggest... 30mg may be fine... but if your a bigger boy, you'd probably get much better results at 40mg.

    Difficulties drawing the oil usually only occur is your drawing with a small gauge needle? Usually it's best to draw with a 20g and switch to a smaller gauge injection needle.... I like to buy 100 3cc syringes complete with 20gx1.5" needles for drawing... and once drawn I switch to a 25gx1" for most injections or a 22gx1.5" for my glutes. (my lovely girl friend has become quite skilled at hitting up my glutes... )

  9. i bought a 22g 1 inch to draw with. i didnt know i should have gone as big as 20g. i dont think ive ever even heard that. i guess i could order some. im only 175 lbs so im guessing the 30mg ED will suffice for the dbol?

  10. 22 will work but you should definately warm your vials up before drawing....

  11. thanks a bunch for all the advice guys. its been very helpful.

    my next question is running orals throughout the cycle. the other orals i have in my gym bag are prostanazol, Ergomax LMG (the newly released one "E...Max LMG"), and Max LMG. I already told you i was planning on running the prostan/max weeks 10-14. should i use the E...Max LMG 2 weeks after the dbol or would it be useless?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    you should definately warm your vials up before drawing....
    Bump...That worked wonders for me A little space heater or the 'ol ladies hair dryer works great

  13. Don't stick it in your quad~!
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