new to ph need help deciding between ergomax lmg and superdrol

  1. new to ph need help deciding between ergomax lmg and superdrol

    i'v been lifting for years but im new to the whole advanced prohormone thing the last time i was around these boards and keeping up to date we were debating the effectiveness of hmb, if celltech was better than as and ion-exchange was the latest whey out. i come back and now all of a sudden there are supps i cant begin to pronounce. im trying to clean bulk but fairly dramatically and need help deciding between ergo lmg and superdrol. i a very predisposed to hairloss so if either supp is known for that... its out, but from my searches i cant find much in the way of side effects on either except liver function (who needs that anyway, just keep my hair). im 5'9'' 190lbs very lean, lifting and eating very clean for about 5 years. any info/personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

  2. okay let me also thrw pher-plex into that mix, ive been reading a little about this stuff and it also sounds, what ever happened to androsteindione and everyone being excited about androsteindiol, who knew it would lead here?

  3. First cycle, maybe go with something mild like Max LMG. 4 weeks on that, then use rebound XT, Ultra HOT, or Novedex XT as post cycle therapy (regain test levels)

    With a good diet and lifting, you should be able to put on a good 10-15.

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