Excellent Base Hormone Suspension

  1. Excellent Base Hormone Suspension

    Ok, after several costly and PAINFUL experiments into perfecting base suspensions of 4ad(the only one tried sofar), I've got a good one, definately the best so far. Peg,pg,etc.. , you may have read that post, is horrible. 85% oil seperates quickly, base is practically insoulable in oil. I also saw the posts about using oil, ba, bb, and peg10%. Why bother with the peg?. It seperates from the solution instantly without some emulsifying agent present, so it is also seperating inside you instantly and being water soluble it is absorbed rapidly leaving the base behind so why use it. It also crashes in the vial so it doesn't help hold the solution. It doesn't help the injection flow through the barrel any easier either. This suspension will easily flow through a 25g syringe. Anyway enough talk, here it is.
    50mg/ml works great, should work @ 100mg/ml or maybe 75mg/ml

    Here are the percentages used.

    75% BB (yes this is correct. It is absolutely Pain Free. Could probably use 95% safely.)
    5% BA
    20% Oil
    4AD Base (enough to make it 50mg/ml or 100mg, or 75mg/ml if you want to experiment)

    1. Mix contents in a vial or beaker or whatever and heat until dissolved. Dont worry if a very small amount will not dissolve. This is probably an impurity.
    2. Filter hot through syringe filter into sterile vial before crystallization begins.
    3. Heat sterilize if needed.

    This suspension will become slightly cloudy at room temp, but not milky. 4ad is fairly soluble in BB at room temp. It will mix into an evenly distributed suspension with minimal agitation and remains suspended for hours. Flows easily through 25g. Tried lots of things and this is definately one of the most pain-free ever. It's a SUCESS IMO.

    Day1- no pain at injection.
    Day2- no pain at injection site
    Day3- no pain at injection site. can feel slight discomfort if site is pressed fairly hard.
    Day4- same as day 3
    Will update in a couple days.

  2. OK, Day 5, and 6. No pain at site but there is definately some discomfort when pressed or leg is moved a certain way to stress the muscle. I guess all the BB has left the depot and nothing left but 4ad. You know poeple who say base compounds must be injected daily, don't know what they are talking about. They stay in the depot well over a week if it is the base. Most Test Suspension is the acetate ester which is oil soluble. I got this info directly from a pharmacy compounding book in the injectables chapter. It states that oil soluble compounds are easily pased through the membrane and absorbed quickly and so are water soluble compounds. Most prohormone bases are neither, therefore it takes several days to be absorbed by the body.
    Anyway, I tried one of animals kits and it is definately the best product out there for base compuonds. Was able to get 150mg 4ad + 50mg formestane per ml. Absolutely pain free. Its pretty cheap too so that's what I'd recomend.

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