Feeling like ****e during pct

  1. Feeling like ****e during pct

    so ive been doing my pct since this monday, after a 22 day sd cycle, and from the second day of my pct till now i have been feeling kinda crappy all the time. just low energy/occasional headache/dont wanna workout type of crappy. im thinking it could be because of all the crap i started taking for pct, and im thinking i should thin it out a little.
    if anyone has any ideas to help me here i'd appreciate it. so heres what im taking every day:

    liquid tamoxifen citrate 40ml
    dhea 200mg (dropped that today)
    lean xtreme 4 caps
    pro liver 3 caps
    coenzyme Q10 100mg
    multi vitamin
    extra super b complex vitamin in pm
    glucosamine/chondroitin 2 tabs (1500/1200mg)

    sometimes melatonin in the pm.

    i stopped the dhea today just because it was so dam many pills. my workout today was fine but i came down pretty hard afterwards.
    or is this just normal response during pct?

    thanks team

  2. Tamoxifen always makes me feel like ****.. Inside the gym and out. Not as bad as clomid.. Still horrible though. Work through it bro.. I am dreading my PCT (starting w/i the next 2 weeks..)

  3. i feel like a big pile of **** during pct. For me it clears up in a week and i dont use nolva at all. maybe get some rxt instead if you havent shut down your hpta too badly.

  4. I'd keep the dhea and drop the melatonin if it were me. Melatonin puts me in the worst mood the next day while dhea has the opposite effect. Tamox makes me feel bad as well and turns my skin into crap.

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