Max LMG/Prostanozol/Superdrol Log (Yes another Log)

  1. Max LMG/Prostanozol/Superdrol Log (Yes another Log)

    Ok so here's yet another log!

    I will def not be updating everyday though, only if there's something I need to share and once every week to share my progress! I started taking Max LMG/Prostan last Wed at the recommended dosages 3X per day. Here are my starting stats:

    5' 11"
    14% BF

    Did a weight in yesterday and I'm up to 221lbs. Not sure what to attribute the weight gain to but it doesn't seem to be water, could by glycogen i suppose. Anyways I personally think I am looking slightly leaner after one week. I am still hypocaloric so could be diet as well, but anyways I am very pleased at how my recomp is progressing. I did Deads and back on Monday and had a much more intense lower back pump than usual, didn't really notice any strength dif. Took Tuesday off and hot up the gym last night for Chest and Abs.

    Now I know for sure that something is kicking in here. For pretty much my entire cutting diet (except the very beginning) I have been throwing around about the same weight. Usually do my last reps on bench at about 235 for 4 or so and my last reps on decline at about 185 for 8.

    Yesterday I start on bench get 225 for 8 fairly easy then go for 235 for 8 which was even easier then I got 245 6 and finished with 255 for 4. So then its on to decline, I started with 145 for 8 upped that to 185 for 8. 185 was so friggin easy I went to 205 for 8 and that was so easy I bumped it up to 225 for 8. Never this strong on decline. I could have easily upped it even more but i decided not to push it being it is only week 1! After benching I noticed slight pumps in my back, tri's and Bi's. My chest was looking huge and basically I was feeling damn good.

    Pretty damn good strength increases for one week; today is squats so we'll see how that goes. I usually finish my reps at about 315 for 6-8. So I'll update quickly tomorrow if the numbers go up! Can't wait for the pumps on Friday, seeing that is Shoulder and Arms!

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