Max LMG/Prostanozol/Superdrol Log (Yes another Log)

  1. Max LMG/Prostanozol/Superdrol Log (Yes another Log)

    Ok so here's yet another log! Sorry!

    I will def not be updating everyday though, only if there's something I need to share and once every week to share my progress! I started taking Max LMG/Prostan last Wed at the recomended dosages 3X per day. Here are were my starting stats:

    5' 11"
    14% BF

    Did a weight in yesterday and I'm up to 221lbs. Not sure what to attribute the weight gain to but it doesn't seem to be water, could by glycogen i suppose. Anyways I personally think I am looking slightly leaner after one week. I am still hypocaloric so could be diet as well, but anyways I am very pleased at how my recomp is progressing. I did Deads and back on Monday and had a much more intense lower back pump than usual, didn't really notice any strength dif. Took tuesday off and hot up the gym last night for Chest and Abs.

    Now I know for sure that something is kicking in here. For pretty much my entire cutting diet (except the very begining) I have been throwin around about the same weight. Usually do my last reps on bench at about 235 for 4 or so and my last reps on decline at about 185 for 8.

    Yesterday I start on bench get 225 for 8 fairly easy then go for 235 for 8 which was even easier then I got 245 6 and finished with 255 for 4. So then its on to decline, I started with 145 for 8 upped that to 185 for 8. 185 was so friggin easy I went to 205 for 8 and that was so easy I bumped it up to 225 for 8. Never this strong on decline. I could have easily upped it even more but i decided not to push it being it is only week 1! After benching I noticed slight pumps in my back, tri's and Bi's. My chest was looking huge and basically I was feeling damn good.

    Pretty damn good strength increases for one week, today is squats so we'll see how that goes. I usually finish my reps at about 315 for 6-8. So I'll update quickly tomorrow if the numbers go up! Can't wait for the pumps on friday, seeing that is Shoulder and Arms!

  2. interested.

  3. I was thinking about doing something like this in the winter. Would you mind posting how you plan to run this cycle...doses, etc.

  4. Weeks 1-8 Max LMG 75mg per day
    Weeks 1-3 And 7-8 Prostanozol 75mg per day
    Weeks 4-6 Superdrol 20mg per day

    Thats the plan as of right now, I was toying around with this

    Weeks 1-8 Max LMG 75mg per day
    Weeks 1-2 And 7-8 Prostanozol 75mg per day
    Weeks 3-6 Superdrol 20mg per day

    But I'm not sure about running SD for 4 weeks, seems like most people get the majority of gains within the forst 3 weeks. Could still switch it up but I doubt it,

  5. Sounds interesting.

  6. Working quite well as of right now, I would say. I really honestly cannot believe the jump in strength in a matter of one week, but I am giving this an honest review. What did you think about that cycle? Or the alternate version?

  7. I like the plan you are doing. My main concern would be libido. Max LMG does a number on some people. People seem to go both ways with SD. It is a DHT derivative, so it makes sense that it could increase libido, as it does for some. I think the prostan is pretty neutral to slight increase. I wonder if it will be enough to offset the MaxLMG?

  8. If you have some extra $$ kicking around you might want to throw in some sesathin, at least during the SD portion of the cycle. It is supposed to be a good liver protectant, as well as having positive effects on HDL/LDL. The latter is the main concern with SD.

    Overall, it looks like you have a good, relatively safe cycle.

  9. The Max is fine on the libido, its as strong as ever (as of right now)!! Good call on the sesathing i was going to order some for PCT to help with the lipids, its outta stock right now. I did however just order Lipderm Ultra which has sesamin in it. If I can reduced these handles a bit I will be looking really good!

  10. Ok nothing huge here but a decent increase none the less. One week one day into cycle, did legs yesterday and I went up big time. Last week I was only able to get 315 on squats for about 4, and with not so great form, wasn't able to go down as far as i'd like. Yesterday banged out 315 for 8, nice and deep and then got 325 for 5 as my last set, the quality of the last 2 wasn't spectacular but regardless it shows a marked improvement in strength. Arms tomorrow, YEAH!

  11. Today marks week two. Last night's gym session I was tired as all hell but still managed to keep going up. Ended on bench with 260 for 6, ended on decline with 245 for 8. Weight was also to 225!! Yikes! But I am getting a little leaner. Nothing crazy as of right now but my definition is def looking better. I seem to be pumped all the time and I get back pumps no matter what exercise I'm doing. Shoulder's are always a problem however, could be a simililar effect to Winstrol on the joints. Almost unbearable on shoulder days but they hurt when I do bench press etc...Looking to get some MSM today to help alleviate this. So far so good, the weight gain is tremendous. 9lbs in 2 weeks.

  12. waht's the latest giant? i started my ergo/pro stack this past saturday, and i'm feeling a little stronger, but that's about it... wondering if i'm goin to be let down, guess time will tell

  13. Here's the latest:

    Weighing in at about 226, looking a little leaner for sure. Nothing huge as of yet but looking better.

    Stength on the other hand has blown up, here's a few numbers:
    (all these are last sets for each exercise)
    Bench: 275 x 5
    Dead Lift: 275 x 5 (Could def go higher forgot wrist staps, this was cake)
    Squat: 365 x 4

    Back Pump on Deads and Squats is insane....Feeling pumped all the time, really liking everything so far. However I'm cutting the cycle short, taking it down to 6 weeks instead of 8, I just think recovery will be easier and less shutdown....So I started my Superdrol this week and I'm running it with Max LMG/Prostan for this week then I'll be doing SD for 2 more weeks! Throwing in IGF-1 for those two weeks and 2 weeks into PCT. So hopefully things will be great! Very impressed with the Max LMG/Prostan cycle so far!

  14. Ok a little update for all those that care/don't care...........

    Strength continues to climb ended Bench the other day with 295 for 2 and Squats with 405 for 2. Basically at the end of my workouts I just want to see how much I can throw up, all other lifts are up as well. Weighed in at 232 last night and I'm def leaning. Its been about 13 days on Superdrol and 7 days on Oratropin-1. And last night something I have never experienced before happened. I was doing Hammer curls and I had to stop my workout because of the pump in my left bicep. It felt as through the muscle was literally tearing off the bone, and I honestly thought my skin was going to burst. It was def a little bit scary, I tried one more set but the pump was just too freaky. I highly doubt this was all of a sudden because of the Superdrol, I'm starting to think that the Oratropin-1 really kicked in. Anyways, I'm very excited to see if the Oratropin-1 is going to cause some nice growth. I'll be sure to update some more and will def have pictures in a few weeks!

  15. how did the cycle end? how much did you retain PCT and what was the dosing schedule that you ended up running after changing it to 6 weeks?

    big question is can you remember what kind of gains you got from just the max LMG before you added superdrol?

    thanks man any info will help.


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