3rd Cycle-AAS Lean Mass Generator Starting July 25th

  1. 3rd Cycle-AAS Lean Mass Generator Starting July 25th

    3rd Cycle-AAS Lean Mass Generator Starting July 25th

    1-10 mdht 50mg (Preworkout only=40 days)
    1-3 test prop 100mg eod
    1-10 test blend (iso,cyp,enan) 600mg/wk
    1-10 deca 400mg/wk
    1-10 mast enan 200mg/wk
    3-12 hcg 500iu/wk
    11-13 test prop 100mg eod
    1-10 transdermal formestane 80mg ed
    14-18 pct (clomid, nolva, tribulus, lean extreme, cissus, fenugreek)


    Tues: chest/tris 12 sets per
    Thurs: Back/Bis 12 sets per
    Sat: Legs/Abs 19 sets per
    Sun: Shoulders/Traps 12/5

    Standard 40/30/30 diet

    Taken as often as possible hopefully weekly with full body progress pics

    The goal of this cycle is to recomp my body from 15% bf to more around 10% or so and gain roughly 10lbs of lean mass...I would ultimately like to weigh 210 at 10% at the end of this
    210 10% BF

    200lbs 15% BF
    Bench: 315x6
    Squat: 395x8

  2. what does everyone think? I know its heavily androgenic, but I use precautions such as saw palmetto in high doses and finasteride ect....

  3. dude your going to get so strong that is one super androgenic cycle...how about some dhea and zma during pct as well...try out a 40/40/20 diet, and then go to 40 carbs/30 protein/30 fat during pct 30% fats during pct will get cholesterol back to normal if its good fats

  4. thanks for the reply bigman....yea and strength really isnt my goal..but I want to gain more quality mass on my frame, and at 27yrs old currently idealy I would like to get a show in next year if I could

  5. personally i don't think 10 weeks is long enough to warrant running deca

    IMHO you'd be better off running 8 weeks of prop and npp

  6. thanks glen......i can extend this to 15 weeks if you think that would be better? but preferrably if i want to extend this cycle i have 20ml of tren ace at 75mg/ml and 20ml of test prop at 100mg/ml i could use both eod for the last 6 weeks? also i thought npp have a 1.5 week halflife is that correct?

  7. the actual halflife of npp is disputed ... however most find it to kick in similar to test prop

    extending it with tren is fine .. the only thing i was saying about the 10 weeks is that its a short time (IMO) for deca .. so extending the cycle with tren does nothing to fix that .. doesn't make it a bad idea though hehe

    i personally wouldn't run eq or deca for less than 12 weeks but that's just me .. and i don't think (personally speaking) i'll be running any more long esters for a while .. gonna try blasts with the short esters for a bit after this current lay off

  8. yea i hear ya....i am actually only going to use the mdht at 37.5mg and i am going to stop at the 10 weeks on deca.....the main reason i am using deca is just to see how i respond to it....i have a couple short 6 week cycles planned for early next year back to back with a 6 week break in between something like a dbol/test prop then trenace/test prop..thanks for the feedback glen..do you think using the mdht as just a preworkout stimulant is ok throughout the 10 weeks? i dont think i have see a log with it being used that way

  9. i used mdht for 8 weeks prior to my show .. now granted i was in a huge caloric deficet and felt like death for the last 4 weeks, but i didn't notice ANY stim effect from the mdht .. when i used m5aa like a year ago i think that may have had a slight stim effect

    from what i know of mdht 37.5 a day isn't enough .. i ran 80 .. i know a lot run 100

  10. thanks glen..i have revised it then:

    1-4 dbol 40mg ed
    1-10 test blend 600mg/wk (cyp/enan)
    1-10 deca 400mg/wk
    6-10 mast 400mg/wk
    11-13 test prop 100mg eod
    14-18 pct

    thanks for all your help, and this doesnt have to be the best cycle since I am not in a rush to get pro-like gains in one cycle like most guys....my diet is spot on, and I certainly train harder than most...thanks glen

  11. one more thing if i can

    5 weeks of masteron isn't really enough IMO i'd run it 8 weeks (i'm assuming its masteron diprop)

    and i've said it before and i'll say it again IMO masteron is worthless unless prepping for a show .. yes it will make you harder but it REALLY is only noticable when you are VERY lean AND pretty much any effect it has on your body stops once you discontinue use (i.e. once your cycle is done no one would know you were ever on masteron .. making it fine for contests, but worthless IMO for a regular cycle where one desires near permanent results)

  12. thanks glen? maybe just drop the masteron then and run the test/deca longer say 15 weeks?

  13. now you're cooking with fire i likes it a lot


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