A question about 1-test and slin

  1. A question about 1-test and slin

    Got a coupleof questions for you guys.

    First I want to use 1-test of some sort in a cycle. Here is my plan, before I found t1-pro

    Mon. Wed. Frid.
    Using 10 iu slin (Hum-r) post work out
    Tues. Thur. Sat.
    4 iu. Slin after cardio (to interact with HGH release)

    2 ml of Trenabol-X morning
    2 ml of Trenabol-X night

    Run that for 4 weeks.
    Then using Tribulus and slin (only post work out) for
    2 or 3 weeks.

    I just discovered the Tren-x only lasts 15 days
    So I will need to buy another bottle.
    Instead of buying a $40 for 15 days I am contemplating getting t1-pro $60 for 30+ days and running the high dose for 4 weeks.
    If I did the high dose what kind of post cycle therapy should I look into? Will tribulus be enough?

    Also I am hoping to get access to a digital camera to document the results.

  2. I'd say to get some 6-Oxo by Ergopharm, or Formestat by Molecular Nutrition.. 6-Oxo is potent stuff, but expensive, while Formestat is pretty cheap for a good product.. Or, you can go to this link for liquid clomid..

    It's cheap as well, yet alot more effective than both the fore-mentioned products..

  3. BTW, the only tribulus product I've known to work was Fuzu by Syntrax, maybe Tribestan by Sopharma.. Makes you hungry, and horny!
  4. TIme to get big :)

    Here goes, I just ordered the a bottle of t1-pro and a bottle of liquid clomid.

    THe plan looks like this:

    Doing the 6 week dosing regime (3ml twice a day) of t1-pro.
    After reading curt2go's post about front loading I have decided to use extra heavy doses the first 5-7 days. I have a bottle of tren-x still here, which I will put on at an extra 2 ml twice a day to kick start the cycle. I will also be using 10 Iu Hum-R Post work out

    Planning on doing GVT during the "cycle" as most of what I've read from users shows that to be the most effective.

    Diet will be clean for the most part (as dictated by the slin) so I am hoping to keep the gains fairly lean. Bodywieght is about 205, so looking at around 4300+ cals. Going for at least 2 gr/lb.

    Post cycle will be liquid clomid (stolen from YJ's post)
    4mL ED for a week
    2mL ED for a week
    1mL ED for a week

    I think I am addicted to bulking, had all the intents of cutting after spring break, but I wanna get huge first. Hehehe maybe a good cutting cycle will be in order after this. Peace ya'll.

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