I've gained 2lbs since I started....

  1. I've gained 2lbs since I started....

    I'm on day 24 of 400mg/week of EQ and Test Cyp. I'm on day 4 of 75mg/ED of Drol. Training is good, Diet is good, Sleep.... everything. WTF, Should it still take some more time to kick in?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by GeneTikz
    Training is good, Diet is good, Sleep.... everything.
    can you describe good in a bit more detail

  3. whats the brand of drol? I know someone at my gym right now that is going through the same thing. He is on day 5 of Anadrol (QV) and he is noticing practically nothing. Are you taking QV tabs as well?

  4. Still too early yet. Why did you start the drols 3.5 weeks into your cycle? You should've started them at day 1 in order to kick start it. Drols can take anywhere from 5-12 days for one to feel them. Your cyp/eq won't start to notice until weeks 4-6.

  5. yea i was wondering why he started the drol so late. I have heard of drol kicking in anywhere between 3 days and 2 weeks.

  6. test didnt kick in for me till wk5

  7. I just got hold of the drol and decided it wouldn't hurt to take it at this time.

  8. Everything looks normal to me (Although I'm sure we all wish the Test would kick in a bit sooner )

  9. again, what brand are you taking?

  10. The eq wont really get going until several weeks in. The cyp blend shouldnt be hitting full affect until around 3-4th week so I would keep training and eating hard, and see if the drugs kick in a bit more.

  11. diet is good, training is good means absolutely nothing to me post both .. especially your diet .. in detail


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