whats the half life of tren and test pro

  1. whats the half life of tren and test pro and a few ?

    testosterone propionate
    trenbolone acetate

    1 lookin for the exact time
    2 what the longest cycle you should run
    3 whats the self life in pellet form how much weaker does it get when old
    4 whats the shelf life ready to inject form

  2. 1. Test Prop - 4.5 days
    Tren Ace - 3 days

    2. you can run prop for as long as you would run any other testosterone ester such as cyp, enthanate, etc. tren is best tolerated in shorter runs around 6 weeks, however i've heard of it run longer; i just wouldn't recommend it.

    3. i'm assuming your talking about finaject (component TH, etc.) it should keep in the fridge for as long as the date on the package says. they have a use by date printed on the foil cover normally.

    4. most injectables have a durable life if kept in a cool dry place away from light. you could probably use them up to a year later if you solvent ratios are correct. oil starts to go rancid after a bit though if it isn't properly kept

  3. if thats the half life can i run injects every 3days

  4. I would not run injects every 3 days

    Prop and Tren Ace are usually run ED or EOD as to make sure you keep the levels of the component in your system balanced, if you were to wait 3 days the drug would have already worn off leaving you with a short little crash period so to speak.

    I would go with 150mg Test Prop and 75mg Tren Ace EOD



  5. yea ill run it eod mostly likely going with 150mg Test Prop and 75mg Tren Ace i go on alot of short trips i was hoping not to have to bring it with me but hell you do what you have to



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