how would a cycle of just 1test cpy be

  1. how would a cycle of just 1test cpy be

    im looking to just cut hard then put on a little size was thinking week 1-6 1test at 900 then 6-12 1test at1200 and 4ad at 1500 or should i just run a low dose of 4ad the whole time i dont want to gain any fat or water weight at all thats why i not sure how to run the 4ad i dont care if i put on a little water after i drop a few pounds so people dont see me just blow up

  2. anybody have any ideas

  3. I would at least run a low dose of 4ad alongside the test. With the 4ad cyp, maybe run at least 800/week of that. Running just straight 1test will kill your libido and you will be extremely lethargic. How much 4ad do you have? It will also add to your gains. 4ad isnt going to make you fat as long as your diet is clean. You can get fat on pretty much anything you take, it all depends on your diet. Some people even cut fat while on anadrol, just goes to show what your diet is that makes the difference. I ran a 4ad cyp @ 1500mg/week and 1test cyp @ 1000mg/week and really didnt bloat that bad, and lost bodyfat at the same time. My overall gains really werent that great, but I seem to be an extreme non responder. Let me know how much 4ad you have and we can get it all figured out. At least run a low dose of 4ad through the whole cycle to keep libido in check and to fight off lethargy.

  4. i have plenty of 4ad and 1t for a few cycles i know its mostly diet i dont care to much about libido for the first few weeks how long would you run this for. last year i ran a cycle of tren , test and winny it was great so i was hoping to try to get close gain with same hardness it was a 16week cycle it didnt shut down that hard but i havent try pro H yet so not sure how long to run before the gain stop coming or when it will shut me down hard pct will be novla and igf

  5. Well to tell you the truth nothing is going to compare to test/tren/winny, but if you have plenty of 4ad and you want to get close gains to that, here is what I would say:

    Weeks 1-14: 1200mg/week 1test cyp
    Weeks 1-14: 2100mg/week 4ad cyp (1800mg minimum)

    Go with that and you should get decent gains. Since you have already used AAS, and especially tren, nothing will compare to be honest. You could experiment with the 1 test and maybe bump it up a bit more, but that would probably dry you out pretty good.

  6. do you think ill lose weight ill faster with just 1t or its just alot better to run both

  7. You wont lose weight any faster with just 1test, you will feel better both mentally and physically if you run the 4ad with it. You will also get better strength gains. Personally I have been able to cut with just 4ad. If you are worried about fat gain from any conversion of the 4ad to estrogen, run an AI with it.

  8. ok ill run the 4ad with it i have arimdex 1mg pill how much should i take to keep estrogen in check i was told one pill every three days

  9. 1mg every 3 days should be fine, but it may be better to go with .5mg eod, I dont know the half life of adex, so I dont know how the levels will fluctuate if dosed every 3 days. How much 4ad are you going to run?

  10. going to try 1800mg yea its a bitch to cut the pills so 3 days will have to do


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