4ad powder capping ?

  1. 4ad powder capping ?

    Hope this isn't too retarded a question. BTW i did some searching before hand and couldn't find much. I have size "0" caps I have 25 grams of 1fast400 4-ad powder. How many mgs will each cap hold? Roughly? I tried to look on their forum but it was giving me a hard time. Then I looked through the previous posts and still not much. Thanks in advance.

  2. Maybe just a link to another post that covered this already??? Please.

  3. Why are you capping it?

  4. I second that, oral 4AD has very low bioavailability.

    Go transdermal.

  5. agreed. Get some customizing gel from www.customnutritionwarehouse.c om and make a transdermal (check out the t/d threads/section for details!)

  6. just for the sake of answering the question, an "0" cap ought to hold (roughly) 400mg.

    BUMP on the transdermal administration
    (you can get a PHLOGEL sample for $20)

    ((Pastor - those are indeed some big "bass"! Where did you catch them?))


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