Did price of T-1 pro go up?

  1. Did price of T-1 pro go up?

    I ordered a bottle 3 weeks ago and I only paid $65.00 +s/g now its $99.00???

    is that right?

  2. Mine still says $68.50. $99.... no way man.

  3. I just clicked it and saw $99.00 for a bottle of T-1 Pro...

    Please oh please tell me its wrong or Im looking at the wrong web site. I want to order some NOW. I only have 4 days left in my bottle but I cant afford a 33% markup.

  4. Check the members store link at the very bottom of the page.....

  5. I was just getting ready to send Chemo an email to make sure that that price was correct. I hope not. I ordered a bottle about 6 weeks ago and it was 68.50 or something like that. I left town for 5 weeks and just got back and was going to order another bottle and saw that it was 99.99. I HOPE that is not the new price. If it is I don't know if I'll be ordering any now. My gains from my last 4 week cycle weren't that great. But I thought I would give this stuff just one more try if it were the same price (68.50). My diet and training are in check, I thought maybe I got a poorly mixed bottle or something, I also notice the stuff was frozen when I got it.

  6. Will someone at least shoot me the link?

    It comes frozen, no harm there.

    Found the link... all taken care of. As always you guys ROCK!

  8. OK.... I found the link also. Not use to the new layout yet since I've been away for so long. Looks like I'll order another bottle.

  9. The link at the bottom of the forums displays the correct price. The links on the front page link to the older store prices i think. I actually did the opposite, I am new here and thought t-1 pro was $99 still and today found out that it was only like 69 and almost fell out of my chair!

  10. That link is for non-members I believe. Never understood why people wouldnt register and save $30.


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