SD and Track

  1. SD and Track

    Hey I'm a track athlete, sprinter of course, i'm thinking about taking 10mg of SD for 3weeks. Eating around 3000 cals. and 300+ grams of protein. My goal is to get stronger, leaner, and faster. here's the workout: m-w-f legs (squats, cleans, lunges, deads, some other stuff + plyo's) ,every fifth day chest heavy weight low reps, then i run weighted hills on monday and thurdays. And a normal sprinters workout on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.(100s, 200s, some 400s) If anyone has any input or experience using SD for what I want throw me a line. Thanks oh i weigh about 185 on a 5'10" frame, probably 10-12% bf.

  2. with low doses I've heard good results with increased endurance. you will get stronger and leaner but keep in mind you might gain some weight.

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