Staying On?

  1. Staying On?

    I'm 46 yo and really having trouble keeping my gains after 4 weeks of PCT. I tapered w/HCG then clomid 300 - 150 - 100- for 3 weeks. That stuff produces anxiety in me big time. So how much return to natural test levels can I expect at my age?
    I feel like going back on. What am I risking? Sterility? small balls?

    Any opinions from you older , experienced out there and/or knowledgable?


  2. have you looked into HRT?

  3. do you want any/any more kids? its hard to say how your recovery will fare only a blood test a few weeks after PCT is done can tell you that

    with that said .. why not just stay on all the time at reasonable doses between cycles (200ish mg a week)

  4. Yes, kids, : the woman I'm seeing and I have talked about. I want that option ( no sterility)

    Hrt? you mean a medically supervised one?

  5. yeah, regular ol' legal HRT. any chance you could qualify for that with a physician?

    personally, when i get a little older, i plan to self-medicate HRT at 200-250mgs of test per week.

  6. well wanting to have kids changes things then .. get blood tests for your total test and free test levels and see how you are .. run shorter cycles with fast acting gear .. like test prop and dbol .. they tend to be easier to recover from and use HCG through out .. just be sure to have a blood test before you start and a few weeks after PCT

    for me after i have the amount of kids i want i'll probably go on my own HRT for the rest of my life

  7. I am not sure about the age thing. I am 27 and have 2 kids. For each child I just came
    off of steroids got my wife pregnant then got back on my supplementation. I don't know about your age though you may have to come off a bit longer than me. But your natural levels should come back slowly after you stop using.


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