PCT for 46 yo

  1. PCT for 46 yo

    Just seeing if anyone out there is my age and what to expect in PCT.

    Just came off a 6 month cycle of 500 mg/week opf Test Cyp.

    I did the HCG and started Clomid 2 days ago with Nolva also.

    I already feel weaker and the sex drive is down. Should I take 6 months off ?

    How about Proviron? Any info or suggestions will be helpful. I don't want to lose my gains or my sex drive.

  2. you are going to be shutdown for a long while and you need to keep the the PCT for at least 4 week min IMO
    cut back alittle on your lifting volume and make sure you get good rest but don't stop

  3. 6 months is a long time especially for someone your age. While I am not your age, I imagine that post cycle is going to be tough. Decrease the time spent in the gym and eat well.

    I would definitely either take an extended period of time of or look into getting on HRT and forget about PCT.

  4. Thanks guys. SIZE; When you say HRT, what does that mean exactly? I mean staying on and using HCG 2 weeks out of every 3 months or ??? Will I be sterile?

    How about just one 12 week cycle per year?

    I just feel a LARGE difference as my test levels are dropping. Plus, I think the clomid is messing with my emotions a bit.

  5. HRT(Hormone repalcement therapy) or TRT(Testosterone). I am refering to getting a prescription for testosterone from your physician. It is typically used for those that have abnormally low testosterone levels.

    Clomid will definitely alter emotions. It can be a rollercoaster for many.

  6. thats quite a long cycle..how were ur gains n such?

  7. Relax, Bro I do six month cycles and I come back fine. I ve been off six months and only lost about 10 pounds.
    Use the following:
    Arimidex (may not need)
    Tribulis Terrestris

  8. Definately try the Tribulus, along with some Eurycoma. If that doesn't work get a bunch of hoes and have a party!

  9. extremefighter, I hate to say it but that extra decade of in age does and will play a roll in the recovery...
    While I don't think HRT would be the first solution I would be looking into.. it might be an option after doing a good PCT

  10. Personally I wouldn't use the clomid I think you are right about it making you emotional. I use Nolva instead.

  11. i found out that the difference in age does matter in recovery,i was on for 4 mths and 4 mnths later my test was still like a 10 yr old girl and that was after a good 5 wk. pct of nolva/clomid and hcg...so i took hrt...now im gonna continue cycleing but when im through with a cycle my test will at norm. levels shortly after.

  12. Waterlogged, what do you do to keep your balls from shrinking ? Also, do you mean that you will stay on ans just lower the dosage ?


  13. HCG is what most people use to keep the nuts around the same size

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Coolkat
    Waterlogged, what do you do to keep your balls from shrinking ? Also, do you mean that you will stay on ans just lower the dosage ?

    yes because of my age i used hcg during my cycle to keep my nuts up to size so test production would commense sooner,but my natty test never did come back to wher it was , but thats just part of the game , so my doc put me on 400 mg./mnth of test.so now when im done a cycle my test is already where it should be...good or bad i dont know , but i do know that you need to do everything you can to get it back naturally...i guess you can look at it as being on at lower doseage but its a toss up between normal test and sythetic test it probably just equals each other.i'd just do a good pct and have it checked[test] in 6 mnths...stay clean....hrt is a pain...doc is always testin to check levels, makes it hard to run a good cycle !


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