1-test cyp turned in sludge

  1. 1-test cyp turned in sludge

    I attempted to make 1-test cyp using the method listed below. I was just up to the whatman filtering part and I had to let it sit over night I woke up and it was a gel like solid it liquefies when warmed up my problem is I don’t want to run it through the whatman if its just gunna do this. Do you this the whatman filtering and a long boil will cure this problem? ps I may have added an extra ml or 2 of BB.

    Using the 5cc syringe (w/18 gauge needle) extract 2cc from the container with the clear fluid (its benzyl alcohol). Save the rest of the BA if desired, or throw it away. Empty the container it came in.
    Using the same 5 cc syringe, extract 2cc of benzyl benzoate. Put the needle cover back on and set aside the syringe.
    Using the 10cc syringe, put 40 cc of clean water in the container that held the BA. Mark a line where the top of the water is. Pour out the water and dry the container.
    Pour the 10 grams of powder into the container that you drew the line on.
    Add the contents of the 5cc syringe (2ml BA, 2ml BB). Screw top on the container and shake.
    Pour oil from the container containing the oil into the container with the powder/BA/BB until the oil reaches the line you drew. Put cap back on the container and shake.
    Put container with lid off in pot of water. Place pot on stove and bring to a boil, gently swirling container until the contents become almost clear (its a very milky color initially). Remove container and allow to cool slightly.
    Remove aluminum top (not the entire aluminum cover) from the empty bottle that came with the kit. Place 22 gauge needle through top of container (this will allow it to vent while filtering). Remove whatman filter and being careful not to touch other than its sides, place 18 gauge needle in bottom of filter and attach to empty container.
    Using 10cc syringe, draw up 4-AD liquid and attach to top of whatman. Filter slowly. It should take 4 trips (40 cc at 10cc per time) to filter completely.
    When done, you will have 40 ml @250mg/ml. 5%BA, 5%BB for painless injections. When cooled, the fluid will be opaque (milky)."

  2. I have reheated it add 2 more ML of BB and 4 more ml of cottonseed oil and it still turned into sludge. Should I just keep repeating this process or? Any info would be helpful.

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