research chemicals still cool?

  1. research chemicals still cool?

    I have been off-line for several months so I haven't been able to keep up with what has gone on.
    Are the research chemical sites still cool? How about the fina kits?
    If this post is inappropriate, I apologize in advance.

  2. this might be an even dumber question but why wouldn't the research chem sites still be cool?

  3. this is not news

  4. I am trying to determine whether there has been any law enforcement issues pertaining to research chemicals and the purchase thereof.
    If I were to order from say research-ology or lionnutrition would I be highlighting my name as a AS user to law enforcement?
    I remember when liquidresearch got busted and I wanted to know if there had been anything in the news about others being shut down or investigated.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by g4ud1n
    this is not news
    Thank you for your service to the board. I'm sure others were not aware that this was not news. lol

    I'll try to post in the proper forum next time.

  6. Cool like Fonzie


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