can someone hook me up with the link to

  1. can someone hook me up with the link to

    spot injections, or site injections? i forget the name of it but it has pics of proper places for all different spot injections, calves, quads, bi's, traps, pecs... thx guys


  2. I know I'm such an ass

    Never pinned anything, but was just wondering... which out of those options is the most painful, and which is least painful?

  3. thx man

    don't worry about it bohica i have heard calves are the most painful, though i have never pinned them, or anything yet. plan on starting my first injectable cycle in about 3 weeks.

    600cyp per week for 14 weeks
    100mg drol per day for 4-6 weeks

    i have used dbol before and got really terrible back pumps on it so i'm going to go with some drol for 4-6 weeks.

    pct will be nolva, maybe clomid. though i don't like the sides from clomid.

  4. oh ya, least painful inject seems to be glute or delt.

  5. Do you have to pin in certain spots? Or can you just alternate glute or delt, or is it muscle specific?

  6. ass is least painful
    All the others its all about how steady your hand is. Some of my most painful have been qauds

  7. i've shot shoulders, bi's, tri's, chest, glutes, and quads. for me, quads were the most painful, did em once, never again. least painful was glutes.


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