SD/1AD/4AD and Diet Suggestions?

  1. SD/1AD/4AD and Diet Suggestions?

    Just wanted to get some suggestions on my diet, training, and supps.

    Age: 29
    Weight: 250
    Height: 6'5"
    BF: 23%
    Train: 5 years total, while I admit that I've been on about a 3 year hiatis after getting married, etc... I've been working out pretty hard natural the last 6 months.

    Average diet:

    Pre workout: 2 scoop all the whey, 1 scoop eas Phosphagen HP with creatine
    M1: 1 bowl of raisen bran with skim milk
    M2: either a protien bar or Myoplex shake
    M3: usually Tyson pre-cooked chicken breast with green beans and 2 scoops all the whey
    M3: same as M2
    M4: usually some type of lean beef. Either a burger on wheat, steak, taco meat, etc... with 2 scoops all the whey
    M5: 2 scoop all the whey

    Supplements taken:
    1 gram fish oil 3x's per day
    1 green tea extract 3x's per day
    3 NO2 2x's per day
    4 CLA 3x's per day
    2 10mg Superdrol 1x's per day
    2 100mg 1AD 3x's per day
    1 300mg 4AD 3x's per day

    I've got Nolva, ZMA, Tribex, 6oxo for PCT

    I work out before work around 7am, 5 days a week.
    Mon - Legs
    Tues - Chest
    Wed- Back, Traps
    Thurs - Shoulders, Abs
    Fri - Bi's, Tri's

    My goal is to loose all this fat I'm carrying around, but at the same time, I'm wanting to start putting on some serious muscle mass. In other words, I'd rather be the fat dude with muscles and then work on loosing fat. Rather being the fat dude with no muscle, struggling to loose the fat.

    At this point I haven't been doing much cardio.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. How many cals is that, looks like around ~2000. I would be eating at least 3500 if I were your size on cycle, with lots of low gi carbs. At you body fat % and with the androgens you should be able to drop fat while increasing lbm as long as your diet is clean. Also you seem to be relying on whey too much, if you want to stay with the shakes (better results from whole food), get some milk protein isolate and maybe some egg white protein. The myoplex shakes do have a few different protein sources but they but they have around 20g of maltodextrin in them. I would plan out 40p/40c/20f diet with around 3500 cals, thats what I did for the most part in my cycle and I am up 20lbs and leaner than when I started.

  3. i agree with R6Speed....even the part about the ability to gain muscle while losing fat - it can be done for a person in your spot.

    you really have to get your diet in order and start cardio. protein bars should NEVER be one of the primary sources of protein. when people say 6 meals a day - they mean 6 MEALS in addition to whatever you take PWO (a whey shake CAN be a meal but only if you add oats and flax to it) also look into glycemic indices and shop accordingly. has a decent nutritional forum with some good stickies. might wanna check it out.

  4. If I were you, I would scrap ALL of the EAS products. Way too overpriced. You can find stuff that is a lot cheaper at the board sponsors web sites and check out as well. I mean if you have them don't throw them away or anything, just when you are done with their product check out the sponsors and find some better and cheaper products. Other than that your PH/PS cycle looks good, just get the diet in order and you will be in a whože other boat! Good luck!
  5. tattoopierced1
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    I would cut some of the shakes out too...throw in a chicken breast or lean cut of beef in there.



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