HGH Patches?

  1. HGH Patches?

    Extreme PowerPatch Bonus Pack

    Are these for real? Just found it on one of the ads on this site. I did some research and from the sounds of it no one is actually getting bigger/stronger. They just sleep better.


  2. Effects to sleep are definitely seem to be the main noticeable effect- even with long term use.

  3. Going to scratch this off the curious list. Thanks.

  4. What a shame. Was really hoping these would be somewhat effective as a mild GH substitute
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  5. All their products are a joke. And please don't make the mistake of getting the half price product if you sign up for autoship. I followed all their procedures and they still would not cancel my account. They kept taking money from my account every month for several months and when I finally called and actually reached a human, he derided me for having a bad attitude (um, yah -- when you steal my money, it makes me angry!), then cussed me out and hung up on me. Just. Say. No.


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