Ease the Pain with Lidocaine

  1. Ease the Pain with Lidocaine

    This is an abbreviated version of John Romano's article that appeared in the Oct. '02 Muscular Develpoment magazine.

    If you've ever done test suspension, a locatable oil, Winny-V or anything with a sizable hit of benzyl alcohol such as the Fina you made from pellets, the first thing out of your mouth is, "****, that hurts!" This is the immediate type of sting I'm talking about- not the delayed ache you'd get with say, Sus', or any mix that contains propionate-that you are going to have to suck up. But a little Lidocaine(1/4 cc of 1% solution, according to Dan Duchaine) drawn into the same syringe as your shot, and you are likely not to feel much of an otherwise painful injection.

    Lidocaine is an antiarrythmic drug commonly used to restore a regular hearbeat in cardiac patients with arrythmia. Lidocaine is also used topically as a local anesthetic to produce numbness. Lidocaine is available by prescription, but can be purchased on the black market, overseas at pharmacies or through veterinary supply sources. If used properly(see above), OD-ing is nothing to worry about.

    One last thing, when using Lidocaine with oil-based gear, make sure the bubble goes to the frontof the syringe b/4 you push. Since Lidocaine is a clear liquid, it will look like an air bubblein the syringe-you probably don't want to aspirate that bubble, but certainly the rest of them. Since oil is lighter than water, you are going to want to hold the syringe needle down so the Lidocaine exits the needle ahead of the gear. A couple of pecks with your finger against the barrel will help it get down there. Obviously, with water-based gear, this is not necessary.

    Hope this could be of some help guys.

  2. thats what they shoot you with in the gums when you go in to the dentist to get your teeth pulled or whatever

    its a synthetic version of cocaine that numbs the target area, they do have topicals you can rub on that would be better than shooting yourself with it though

  3. There's actually 20mg. of lidocaine in Esiclene (formebolone).. Esiclene is weak in action, but used for its "synthol-like" swelling effect in target muscles.. I knew a guy in college I still hang with who used it for his calves to put an inch or two on them, he said it feels ok for the first 2hrs. then it burns like hell!

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