4-AD Cyp active/half life????

  1. 4-AD Cyp active/half life????

    I want to do a short cycle (3 weeks) and I was wondering the active life and half life of 4-AD Cyp? Complicated story why I want to run a short cycle like this so lets just assume I have my reasons but basically my question is:

    If I injected 2000 mgs of 4-AD Cyp today (or over two days) when would blood levels start to significantly rise? and then when would they significantly start to drop and PCT could be started?

    I was thinking about shooting 2000 mgs of 4-AD Cyp on day one, 1000 mgs on day 5 and 4-AD Transdermal 600 mgs on days 1-4 and days 16-21 and starting PCT immediatly after. This is all layered into my cycle of TriMax, T4 and Superdrol 20mgs throughout.

    Any thoughts on this (besides why use and inj for a short cycle)?


  2. It will take about a week to a week+1/2 to kick in and about the same to leave your system. For that small amount of time I'd just run a dermal.

  3. Alright BBBD I get what you are saying but even if I was able to extend it a bit longer does this mean that assuming the administration days of 1 and 5 that the first boost would really kick in at about day 7-10 and then the second at days 12-15 with the first starting to wear off at day 14-16 and the second starting to wear off at days 19-22?? If thats the case then I could make it a four weeker but I am trying to keep this as short as possible.


  4. cyp ester take 18 days for the active life of a hormone to clear.

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