epistane and antibiotics

  1. epistane and antibiotics

    hey so i started epistane a week a go, im currently just pulsing it since its my first ph. i got all the necessary post cycle support and on cycle support but ive developed a uti(it runs int he family). im currently trying to kill it with vit c and dmannose, also got some uva ursi coming monday but if im not able to get rid of it naturally would it be ok to take a antibiotic while on cycle? i feel since im pulsing my liver is obviously not under as much as stress , so it shouldnt e a big deal. i would like other peoples opinion though. thanks alot!

  2. I would not pulse Epi, I seriously doubt it will be effective..

  3. ive already started to feel it kick in, never eaten so much in my life while still losing fat. im not really here to discuss the pulsing more so the mixture of these two substances, thanks anyway for the advice.

  4. I was on antibiotics and a rash cream on my cycle... damn mold lol... no unusual side effects I guess, I'm still alive haha
    I dare you to ask your doc lol
    Why not zoidberg?

  5. haha hell prolly just tell me to get off epistane. thanks for the info man

  6. I don't recommend pulsing ANY pH. It only puts you on a hormonal roller coaster

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  7. i guess ill find out in 6 weeks when im done. got 2 other roommates doing it as well.soo ill post later with results. ive heard mixed reviews about pulsing, some swear by it and others put it down.


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