Info on aas broken cycle

  1. Info on aas broken cycle

    Hi people,

    Just a few questions I could use help on.

    Stats. Male 33

    Trainging status 15 plus years mainly heavy weights/cardio some novel HIIT training powerlifting but only for kicks

    Weight 79kg/174 pound 13-14% bf

    bench 140kg/300 pound etc

    Previous cycle exp. 10 week test E (1mil per week) 2yrs ago gained weight lost fat looked good recovered quickly

    I started a Sust only cycle 2mil per week, recently, had to abort the cycle after 3 weeks (three shots) due to an offshore job, didn't start any sort of pct (had the pct but didn't 'personally' deem it necessary), came back after four weeks started again same dose, and after a further 3 weeks and 3 shots, the exact thing happened to me. So another 4 weeks away, again no PCT, and now i'm home.

    So in 14 weeks i've had 12mil, (saw some recomp kind of aesthetic look as it goes) but now I'm home to stay.

    Should I restart my cycle as i was and same length (12 weeks) as waiting would defeat my 'summer look' objective.

    Anybody done anything similar.

    All advice appreciated.

  2. First, I wouldn't begin a cycle unless you were home for good- not safe for hormonal imbalance/ shutdown etc.

    That being said I would do it. It's not going to hurt anything really.

    Do you have all your pct items on hand?

  3. Cheers for the reply yeah, got arimidex for during if need and nolva for afterwards. didn't need/use clomid last time and felt fine with nolva, and will be able to get hcg (as a friend has enough for 3 cycles) I know all the get 'prepared before hand gospel' but surely the size of my nuts i can determine if I need help but last time they seemed bigger if anything. Never usually away but was like the probability of it happening twice in one year in such quick succession were on par with lottery wins.

    Main concerns were:

    1.Would it class as a 26 week cycle by my body? or something of a mixture of weeks and the external test being recognised over a long period

    2.Could it not benefit me..(prob do it anyway)

    3. Do I stick to my normal length of intended cycle?

    I felt no significant changes in libido, strength, mood or anything... Other than a slight visable leaning out, which could be attributed to anything... So i shall go on your recommendations then i guess

    Thanks again

  4. 1. No it would not class as a 26 week cycle- as the levels of testosterone where not peaked for a distinguished amount of time

    2. It will definitely benefit you

    3. Go ahea and do 12 week cycle- or whatever it was you where going to originally do.

    your gtg bruh

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