take a look at my cycle (#2) eq-500/ test e 600?

  1. take a look at my cycle (#2) eq-500/ test e 600?

    so im bout to run my second cycle . was gonna pop in orals but didnt wanna stack so much on my second. i know im an amature so i didnt wanna add to the stress.
    but heres my current cycle, any pointers or some feedback welcome also just really wanting to work with the gear and ancillaries i have on hand and not add more unless absolutely needed ( i may add in nolvadex )

    W1-14- Test Enanthate - 600 b/w Equipoise-500
    W3-14 HcG - 250 x2 a week
    w1-14 adex -.25 eod or .50 when needed

    w17 Clomid - 300 day 1, 100mg ED for days 2-10, 50mg ED for days11-21

    thanks men. any help or criticism welcome. be gentle ... >:-)

  2. Start clomid 2 weeks after last injection not following week

  3. i just realized i did that. my bad. haha. thanks

  4. Can I ask why clomid? No offense just asking why u chose that.

  5. ive only had experience with it.. although.. pct was horrible last cycle. (cycle was 600 test 400 deca ) i cant forget to mention i was going through some things with my boyfriend at the time. so probably was an emotional intensifier .but id cry doing laundry and s**t like that. felt like a total bitch. haha. i can get some nolva. im just not well versed on nolva.

  6. I'm using torem at 120/90/60/30, I've heard it's da bomb lol, not so much for clomid lol

  7. Why use HCG on cycle? Its like giving your body two opposing commands. Your nuts may stay plump but that's it. Test is trying to shut down testicles and HCG is trying to make them pump. HCG doesn't keep natty test production up that much on cycle. Use it post to restart. And even then don't use it for a long time or you screw your body up. Using it for weeks and weeks is why many guys are on TRT I believe. Don't use bro science use common sense. Common sense says that using two opposing things is counterproductive. Yes balls may stay plump but natural test will still be crappy and from any studying I've done, natural HCG production is easy to shut down for good


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