Whats up guys. Coming off of my second UCL reconstruction surgery and looking for slow, lean gains with an emphasis on aesthetics and ligament healing. Have been taking 5iu blue tops ED for 2months along with TB-500 and CJC-1295 No DAC and Ipamorelin

21 Y/o
180lbs 5'10
13.5% BF according to a Bodpod at my club
Training for 7 years at upper collegiate level career over after second Tommy John surgery
K.I.S.S write up of the cycle... 8 weeks of Ostarine, 4 weeks of S4, 5weeks of Anavar with 1 week overlap, 5weeks of Proviron with 1 week of overlap into PCT. Not interested in doing a full on cycle of test so going to do 8weeks of RS-transaderm, but also looking into doing a small cycle of test-e if I can inject it sub-q...Also read that T4 is a must to take while on HGH.. Thoughts?

Mk-2866 Osta week 1-8 25mg ED (25mg am)
S4 Week 1-4 50mg ED (25mg am, 25mg pm)

Anavar Week 3-8
-week 1 30mg ED
-week 2,3, 50mg ED
-week 4 60mg ED
-Week 5 30mg ED

Proviron-Week 4-9
50mg ED

RS-transaderm weeks 1-8
5 pumps ED PM---OR test e injected sub q 2x a week? 400mg a week/2 =200mg a shot?

HGH/Peptide protocal I have been running and will continue to run

100mcg-Ipamorelin/CJC-1295 no DAC in the am upon waking.. then 10min later 3iu HGH
Repeated before bed, sometimes 3rd shot of Ipa/CJC at 2pm mark..

PCT week 9-12
1. DAA 10g ED week9, 5g ED week 10-12
3. Forma Stanozol 5pumps ED
4. Whats the best SERM for this cycle? Clomid 25/25/25/25?

Thanks for everyones input in advance, not sure if I should supplement T4 and what I should do for a test base