GW 1516

  1. GW 1516

    Any input on fatloss, i've seen a log of a guy loose 5% body fat and run a 4:22 mile at 50 yo, but he ran 100mg a day or something similar, does anyone have input on it from first hand use, if nothing happened state the legitimacy of your source. Input from someone using a legit source at about 10-20 mgs a day would be stellar

  2. I ran GW at both 5mg and 10mg and don't really rate it. I ran 3 weeks of 5mg followed by 2 weeks of 10mg. During the first couple of weeks I lost weight but this was more water weight as GW has a strong diuretic effect. I was on eating below maintenance so I did lose fat but it wasn't noticeably more fat that I have lost during previous cuts without GW. It's not something I would use again.

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