Tylenol on cycle. ****!

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  1. Its been months and he never even updated. That's kind of messed up. I wonder what happened

  2. He also may have been a tylenol rep, and with all the negative talk about tylenol causing liver damage and about its ineffectiveness.....well he got the shyts of this board and quit.

  3. I should've hit him up for some free tylenol samples before he quit.....I eat that shyt like candy at night sometimes when I got a raging headache....3 500mg caps and 2 aspirins If that doesn't work? maybe one 7.5mg percocet....but those are like 5+ years old lol, probably lost most of their potency.....

  4. Yea but he said his stool was white and that was his last post. White stool means a serious lIver problem. I thought Hdrol was a more mild methyl?

  5. I honestly think this guy died

  6. Sadly he very well may have. Those problems he was having were very serious. Take this as a lesson and make sure all of us realize the risk we are taking with these drugs. For your average healthy male its not an issue but if you have an underlying health problem these can be the nail in the coffin. So please be careful and watch the amount of orals that are being ran and if at all possible get real test! Orals are great but they cause much more stress on the organs for the gains they give, were test gives similar gains but has a lot less stress on the body.

    I really hope this guy survived and just walked away from all supps and forums. In either case take this thread and if nothing else learn that these are not harmless and should be respected to the fullest.
    I at one time also was just about orals because I was afraid of pinning gear and obtaining it but I learned if I want to cycle for years to come I had to take chances and with a little bit of research I realized it is easier than we all think.

    Best regards,

  7. Natural selection

  8. Quote Originally Posted by maybe0123 View Post
    He became a heavy drinker to help deal with his problems
    I lost my chit brah. LOL


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