Entering week 3 of PCT.
SDMZ 2/2/2/2
Trenabol 0/0/4/4/4/4 (60mg Ed)
-wanted 2 more weeks of tren, but was ready to cycle off.
Typical support supps

Clomid 50/50/25/25
-first run with d-pol and wanted a backup natty test booster just in case it didn't work as well for me as for others.
Typical support supps

Question is this, this is where I normally start my erase for 4 weeks (3/3/2/1) but at such a low dose of tren, with zero sides, do you guys think erase is needed? No itchy nips, no gyno etc. I understand I could still have possibility of rebound gyno but is the chances high with only 60mg of tren for 4 weeks? I will probably run it to stay on the safe side as I have been lucky enough to stay gyno free thus far. Just wondering if anyone has had similar situation?

-Also, don't bash for low dose of tren haha. It was a trial run to see if the low dose would still benefit me with strength gains and leaning me up after SDMZ plus was a kick start to my cut in which I started with pct due to how clomid always seems to lean me up. Worked perfectly with zero sides, but two more weeks of tren would of been ideal I feel like.
Thanks for any advice