First Cycle with Halo-25

  1. First Cycle with Halo-25

    Hey guys, I just ordered my Halo-25 and Im excited to see what this stuff can do. Ive been doing research for the past week and believe I have come up with a good plan on how to go about it. But I have a few questions and was hoping for some insight.

    My Stats -
    Age - 23
    Height - 5'11
    Weight - 187
    Been lifting since I was 17

    What Ill be taking -

    During Cycle:
    Halo - 25mg Morning/Night - 50/50/75/75/100
    Milk Thistle 175mg Morning/Night (Been Taking The Past Week)
    Amino 1000's Breaky/Lunch/Dinner
    Fish Oil Mornings
    Cycle Assist - 3 Morning/3 Night
    Liga-Tend Breaky/Lunch/Dinner

    PCT Cycle -
    Cycle Assist - 3 Morning/3 Night
    Liv-52 Morning/Night
    Creatine Monohydrate - 5mg a day
    PES Erase High Affinity Inhibitor - I read not to start this till the 3rd week of the PCT cycle at 40mg a day. Is this correct or is there a better way of going about it?
    Tamoxifen Citrate - 40/40/20/20? Ive done my reading and thats what Ive come up with. But Im unsure when to start

    I have a great diet eating between 4000 - 5000 calories per day with a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and lipids.
    I exercise twice a day for a total of four hours. 2 hours in the gym and we have a 2 hour practice at night.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I want to do this right, and not **** around. I know no drinking, plenty of water and to get a blood test before and after. I have already talked to my trainer and she said shed be willing to help me through it and monitor my vitals.

  2. Nolva 20/20/10/10 would be sufficient as H Drol is pretty mild.

  3. I'd run something like 50/50/75/75/75/ for a first time cycle. Or wait and see how 75 feels. For most people that's their sweet spot. If not bump it up to 100

  4. Yea that makes sense...ill try that out first.
    Any suggestions about the PES Erase High Affinity Inhibitor or Tamoxifen Citrate? I know that the PCT is the most important and I want to do it right.

  5. Well you can use Erase but I wouldnt say its required. Nolvadex + DAA would be a solid PCT for this.

  6. Nolva, D-Pol, Recycle. Problem solved for PCT
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  7. Why milk thistle on cycle but Liv-52 during PCT? Liv-52 is more effective, and milk thistle has been shown to block the androgen receptors. Plus it's already in your Cycle Assist.

  8. Clomid would be your best bet IMO.



  9. I heard that Liv-52 can make it harder for the liver to absorb androgen. The internet is filled with all sorts of opinions so who knows.
    I just ordered Nolva. ANy siggestions on dosage? 40/40/20/20/10?

  10. Let's be realistic, any blockage the milk thistle presents isn't going to be significant enough to matter.

    Anecdotally, we would have a lot of bunk cycles.

  11. I've always spaced cycle support three to four hours away from methyls....but I have no real facts to go on just bro science....the strongest science.
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  12. we have some parrots in here

    milk thistle doesnt "block" AR nor has it been proven to do anything. all we pretty much know is that it downregulates AR in prostate cancer patients.

    thats reason enough to space it from the steroid though. theres no point in not spacing them a few hours apart


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