Epistane daily dose distribution

  1. Question Epistane daily dose distribution

    I am on a 30 day 30/30/30/30 epi cycle. On my off days, I space out my 10mg doses evenly 3 times a day. Yet on my workout days I have a question - should I continue the same or do a 20mg dose (2 pills) 30-40 minutes prior to working out, and then take the remaining 10mg pill later in the day? Meaning, is a higher concentration of the substance beneficial to have while I'm working out at the cost of having inconsistent daily levels, or should I keep everything consistent by an evenly spaced out smaller dose? Thank you.

  2. keep the same spread out dose
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  3. What if I were to do 40mg a day? Eric, I see that you have done this at the end of one of your cycles. At 40mg epi, how do you dose it daily?

    So there is no benefit to upping the dose prior to working out? This is a fact? I guess the impulsive/ego part of me insists that I need to, but actually have no scientific knowledge about it. I did read elsewhere that it was an option.

  4. Its an option, sure. If its any more beneficial than just dosing as you normal would... I dont believe so, but I have no documented proof of one or the other. Its a sheer preference for me. Doesnt it make more sense to dose it evenly to keep blood levels stable? Ive never heard of people having a pwo dose though. At least not with epi

    When I did 40mgs/day I did upon waking (7am), 11:30a, 4p, 8:30p (times are an average, it wasnt dosed to a tee each day). You could dose 2 in the morning and 2 a night I suppose. If I ever dose it at 60mgs I would dose 2/2/2 rather than try and spread out 6 caps throughout the day.
    Never shall innocent blood be shed, but the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river.

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