PCT Back or kidney pain! PLEASE HELP

  1. PCT Back or kidney pain! PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I am 3 days into my PCT from my first ever prohormones cycle Hdrol, I'm
    Currently using nolva at 40/20/10/10 along side the usual multi vits, fish oils and zma.

    Yesterday I started to get a Dense feeling in my lower left hand side, almost as if it is my side or my back, I'm quite a worrier as in worry a lot and this is bugging me, it isn't so much a pain but more like an aching muscle, I'm not eliminating that but it just seems like a coincidence. Could this be my kidneys? Could it be back pumps? Should I get checked out?

    I'm currently drinking as much water as possible 4-5 litres but if it does not go tomorro I may go and get checked.

    Last week (my last week on cycle I was working away so diet was rubbish, didn't train not did i drink a lot of water.



  2. I've never personally ran into kidney issues and I am not a doctor.... This being said, from what I understand kidney pain associated with possible kidney problems is going to be a sharp intense pain. Not a dull, muscle pain. IMO, add 3-4g of taurine taken with a lot of water. Sounds like back pumps. Have you felt this pain before? I can get back pumps even off cycle just due to dead lifts so I'm used to it and can tell.

  3. Sometime you can get a dull achy pain in the lower back but I doubt it is the kidneys, I would up the water intake and take a good multi vitamin, try to keep the salt intake down, if it persist in to sharp pain I would go and get it checked out as for the work of kidney stones.
    good luck brother!

  4. I usually get pretty good back pumps. Sometimes so bad as to it cramping up when I turn whilst doing business in the restroom. Sometimes these back pumps show as a dull pain when i'm not turning/doing something.

    In my own opinion- while not being a doctor, if it were me, I'd see if I could turn/twist my torso hard enough to get it to cramp up, if it does, I'd be willing to bet I had back pumps. If nothing happens (other than that dull pain), I might keep an eye on it and consider getting more professional help.

    Like the guy above said, up the water, take your taurine, and keep a close eye on it.

  5. Thanks for the replies guys!

    What are back pumps exactly?

    Could it be the nolva? It seems strange how it's only since I started taking them. I have just tried twisting my torso and was find. I can feel it slightly of I raise my left knee

  6. A normal pump like everywhere else in your body, but it creates a lot of pressure and discomfort on your spine. Also, after reading your previous post, it sounds more like a pinched sciatic nerve. Would cause the discomfort in your back and the pain when raising your left leg. Nerve runs the length of the left side of your body and can be very easily pinched especially if happened previously. Of water/ taurine doesn't help, go see a chiro. One or two adjustments and you will be good to go. It usually happens to me twice a year or so.

  7. Kidny problems are usually associated with abnormal urine or even pain in urination. Also kidney pain is usuakky flank pain radiating to your upper back. Idk if nolva can cause kidney damage but i would doubt its an effect of pct.... Did you felt some extra strech during training? I had a terryble week on cycle when i went snowboarding. Back pumps constipated.... Try some muscle relaxant taurine, nsaids if you have access and some steroid cream.

  8. If the pain doesn't radiate to either flank nor you see any changes in urine color smell and appearance then you can start check muscle and nerves.

  9. Most people think kidney pain is lower back related when this is just not true. Upper back pain is more likely to be kidney related


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