Double Dose A-HD

  1. Double Dose A-HD

    So i recently finished a cycle of a promagnon clone. I have been on a natural test PCT and taking A-HD for estrogen suppression and all seemed well for a while, but i noticed slight softness in my right pec, and my nipple appears slightly larger. It doesnt look like full blown gyno, but it appears that it may be the very beginning of the onset of gyno.

    Is it a decent idea to double up my dose of A-HD to help combat it? Or would that not prove effective?

    I've talked to multiple people who have taken much harder PHs and never used Nolva, Clomid, etc. Just an OTC Estrogen Blocker and had no gyno at all, so would doubling my dose be effective or is it advised against?

    Thanks all.

  2. Know of a guy that didn't do pct for super dmz. He appeared fine but who knows what kind of endocrine complications it had, he lost most of his gains too. Serms are needed. You only have one body, gyno is just one of the things that could happen.

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  3. And on a-hd, in my opinion, is complete crap.

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  4. Yeah I've heard a lot of people against BPI in general, but I bulked from 185 to 208, I've been on PCT so far for 2 weeks, and im only down to 204. Strength is still steadily climbing, BF still seems to be dropping, I've noticed no difference in recovery, etc. My only thing is, my nipple is only SLIGHTLY larger than the other. And I may only notice it because this is the first time I've actually stared at them trying to find gyno. If anything, it may be pseudogynecomastia because i feel absolutely no gland. Just chest fat. No sensitivity, itching, lactating, etc. Just stubborn fat. So it very well may not even be gyno, I'm sure theres a chance im just paranoid.

    Right now im somewhere in the neighborhood of 13% BF, so it may be stubborn chest fat. But no one i know has double dosed their A-HD. So i wasnt sure if it was a good idea or not.

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