Winny + Halo + clen Log.

  1. Winny + Halo + clen Log.

    So I have been taking a low dose of 20mg Winstrol for 2weeks and Clen 2weeks on 2weeks off for the past 4 weeks. And as of today I am adding in Halo Extreme by Ironmaglabs. Will be running the Winstrol for another 5weeks, The Halo Im taking the recommended dose of 2 Caps per day so that will be just over 4weeks. Also will be 2weeks on and 2weeks off of clen for the next 5 weeks as well.

    My goal here is to mainly increase strength and drop bf% while hopefully maintaining or increasing body weight.

    Weight- 180
    BF%-10-12(my BF scale has been putting me around these three numbers)

    Deadlift-375for1 365for3
    Bench-235for1 225for3
    Squat-260for1 240for3

    I would love to hit a 3plate squat and bench and a 4 1/2 plate deadlift.

    Due to my age I dont want to start taking any test inj. So unfortuantely I am only able to take a Thompsons 20000 tribulus. It is a one cap a day Trib and I have been following that for 3 weeks now. Will be upping it to 2 caps a day for the 4weeks of Halo.

    All questions, Comments, and concerns are greatly appreciated.

    Also I will be doing a work out routine as follows
    Monday-Chest/Back 5-10reps
    Tuesday-Shoulders/Deadlifts/Abs 5-10reps
    wednesday-Bicep/Tricep 5-10reps
    Thursday-Squats/Abs 15-3reps
    Friday-Chest/Back 15-30reps
    Saturday-Bicep/Tricep 20-40reps

    Caloric intake will be around 1900-2300

  2. Alright so been super busy so I have not been able to update. I am now 12 days into my Halo Extreme and LOVING it!!
    I have been breaking records on all of my lifts!

    So my lifts before are up top and these are my new numbers:

    Deadlift 1RM 395
    Bench 1RM 265
    Squat 1RM 275

    As you can see my lifts have gone up a considerable amount in just 2weeks.

    My body weight has gone from 180-186 I find this truly fascinating as I am skipping for a minimum of 30min after each work out duaring the week and running for 45 minutes outside on saturdays. So given this amount of cardio and my caloric intake I was more expecting to maintain then gain weight but I am thrilled with the results. In the past 3 days I have had multiple people comment on me looking biggr and leaner and others asking me what I am taking.

    sides are as follows:
    -definitly back pumps but just got some taurine today as I've seen alot of people say it helped for them so I am hoping it works for me
    -a little bit lethargic could just be I cut out caffeine 3weeks ago so Havent had the same energy obvs.
    -Ridiculous contractions during workout. Its a love hate relationship I love that I have never felt my muscles squeeze to this extent but hate that im not used to it so on a 1RM it is distracting to feel like my muscle is ripping off the bone!!
    -Increased libido
    -Increase intensity in workouts
    -Extremely fast recovery

    So big shout out to IronMagLabs not even half way through and Im loving it!!

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