Under 21 and want to us PH/PS?

  1. Under 21 and want to us PH/PS?

    well don't!
    this problem comes up pretty much daily around here and its really frustrating
    people under 21 yet over 18 are more than welcome to ask questions and look around do research but DO NOT START CYCLING UNTIL 21 YEARS OF AGE

    kids that are 17 and 18 asking questions about their proposed cycles don't realize that their natural test levels will never again be as high as they currently are ... with protein, creatine, glutamine, a good diet, proper rest, and proper training you will grow like a freaking weed! you don't need ph/ps/aas at that age to faciliate growth

    on top of that, they can and will stunt your growth
    "but glen, i'm done growing so screw you i'm gonna cycle"
    alright you may be done growing height wise (i was at 16) but that doesn't mean that your hormonal system is anywhere near stable ... your body is still trying to reach a point of homeostasis and you've got all kinds of absurd test levels flying around ... by jumping to ph/ps/aas too young you can permantly screw up this system which could lead to hormone replacement therapy because your body got confused at 17 or 18 years old and now you NEED exogeneous test -- that's not fun

    focus on training, resting, and most importantly diet (and this goes for everyone i don't care how old you are) WITHOUT A GREAT DIET KISS ANY GAINS GOODBYE even if you get gains on cycle, they will disappear without a proper diet shortly thereafter

    if you eat your face off at that age you will gain quickly trust me on this one
    the problem is too many younger kids don't realize they aren't training correctly and are actually overtrained or think they are getting way more protein and cals than they actually are (it is really not that easy to take in 300-400 grams of protein day) and those that do reach it often do so because of shakes that are through their system before they can absorb most of it anyway -- stick to whole foods

    please this comes up all the time and its really frustrating and worrisome that so many younger guys want to jump straight to gear, there will be PLENTY of time for cycles when you reach the appropriate age and have years of training and research behind you

  2. so all you little kiddies stop posting your cycles cuz this is ALL your gonna here from us....period

  3. preach on brudda.

  4. I agree, and this is a board rule. One thing that not only these kids don't realize, and a lot of older ppl as well, is that AAS, and PH/PS is not the cure all get big quick answer. Diet and training are the most important aspects to any athlete or BB'er. The longer you train natural, the more benefits you will attain when stepping into the world of AAS.

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