Hey guys just wanted to get a little help and make sure i have everything lined up correctly for first cycle. Thanks! Planning to run HAVOC: 30(40)/40/40/40/40/40 any real need to ramp up ? or would i be better off @ 40/40/40/40/40/40On cycle Supps: CEL Cycle assist Fish oilMultiPossibly Liv52 if neededPCT : Torem: 90/60/60/30(mg)DAA @ 3g/day for 6 weeks starting day one of PCTErase 0/0/3/3/2/1Creatine Mono 5g dailyI believe this should cover most of my bases any advice /recommendations greatly appreciated, a few quick ?s 1) a little unsure weather i need to run a test booster in PCT as well or if the serm + erase + daa will get me where I need to be2) is cycle assist enough support while on cycle ? i plan to keep tuarine on hand if needed for back pumps3) how much fish oil should i be getting in daily? i understand epi dries out your joints pretty bad (might pick up some animal stack flex if needed)