Whats your pick? Mass into cut.

  1. Whats your pick? Mass into cut.

    So I am about to launch a cycle of 3-4 weeks of a mass gainer PH. Then after an 8 week period I will launch into a cut/dry gain cycle for summer.

    Question is, with the list below...What would you guys choose for your mass gainer? What would you do for the best cut/dry?

    - Dieselbolan V2
    - Ultradrol
    - Superdrol
    - LMG with Dymethazine
    - Dianabol

    - Havoc
    - Trenazone
    - Halovar

    Also, I would rather run just one at a time of anything methylated. I know there are some crazy meth stacks out there. Not for me.

    And do you think a 2.5 week bulk bridged into a 2.5 week cut would be a better way to go? Doing this twice, instead of a mass cycle then cut?

    Nolva and Clomid on hand for PCT. All liver supps on hand.

    Thanks in advance guys.

  2. sounds like u wanna run a 12 week test cycle

  3. Quote Originally Posted by figdaddy View Post
    sounds like u wanna run a 12 week test cycle
    Haha.. No solid supplier for that.

  4. You can cut with any PH effectively. In the end it still comes down to diet. Calories in vs. calories out.

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