Whats up fellas, the title says it all, Finished my first run about 4 weeks ago. It was a successful 6 week finaflex 1 andro/alpha and ams 4 ad recomp/lean bulk. Now that I have gotten my feet wet I want to step it up for my second run which I plan to start late april/early may.
My goals for that cycle would be to get as strong as possible whilst keeping fat gain at a minimum. I would suppose you could catagorize it as another recomp/lean bulk. Here are my parameters; I would like to stay away from methylated designers, I would also like to keep my function in the jewels dept operable. My girlfriend would be irate if it was non operational. That being said I just wiped 3/4 of all options off the table.

So far I have thrown together some ideas:

Finaflex 1-alpha with stano(stano 200) or whatever clone I may find, and possibly stack the 550xd with 4 ad as well.

I like the 1-dhea's and 1-sterone, 4 dhea helped with the lethargy while on

I would like to run my next stack for 8 weeks as opposed to 6 as well.

If theres some compounds I should consider feel free to post and I will do the research.
I appreciate the advice and the time......Thanks,