nipple seapage even after .5mg of prami

  1. nipple seapage even after .5mg of prami

    So i started a cycle to hopefully put an end to the gyno i have recieved from puberty, im on day 10 of the cycle and it looks like this
    letro 2.5mg ed
    prami .5mg ed
    forma stanzol 10 pumps X2 ed
    so far i havent noticed a decrease in size of my puffy nipples or the tissue of the gyno. And to top it off i squeezed my nipple the other night and sure enough there was some seapage. The letro is pharma grade and the prami is from a gtg research chem company. i know the prami isnt bunk because of the heavy nausua and other sides associated with it. Anyone want to help me out here? It just doesnt make sense to me


  2. similarly like you, i've had legit gyno since i was 12. i'm 21 now and still exists. surprisingly, using AAS (which then means by extension nolva/clomid etc) it has gotten better. the only time i get the seepage you speak of is when i come off, or when bulking. you may have to do the surgical removal, cause that's all i can offer as help. arimidex at .33/day works for me now on test/dbol, gyno is shrinking.

  3. Thanks for your input man.I was planning a test e cycle to run in the summer time and will probably run the arimidex ed and run nolva and Clomid for a pct. I guess we will see what happens

  4. funny how it 35pump then pump35, all jokes aside for gyno the letro nolva protocol is very good, i do agree with avyion12 that the gyno is much worse when bulking, if you can stay lean it wil be much less noticable, also I noticed that prami is very good for putting my puffynips at bay on deca and tren i feel its actually a better gnyo fighter then anti aromatase.

  5. Thanks for the input, yeah one account is for the app on my phone then I forgot the password and had to make another account for when Im not on my phone haha I'm a little worried I haven't noticed anything yet I may just wait to run nolva and an ai for a pct of a upcoming cycle and see what we can get done that way. I plan to run this stack I'm on right now for a month total and see what happens.maybe there's no hope except for the knife.

  6. run ur nolva 3-4 weeks after tapering off letro to prevent rebound and also get rid of the gyno beofre jumping on anyhthing

  7. I dont understand why alot of people say to run the nolva for rebound protection after coming off the letro. Letro is suicidal ai right? so why would there be any rebound? and if anything there would be rebound from the nolva because its just blocking the estro from getting to the receptor site, so once you take away the nolva wont all the estro rush to the receptor sites?

  8. That's why you also taper off Nolva since its suicidal if u don't use the Nolva once u come off the letrozole a surge of estrogen will be around ur body and some of it will go straight to ur gyno
    , if the Nolva is there it will block that estrogen and keep doing so until your body has adjusted to having estrogen again

  9. Makes since, thanks for clearing that up brother


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