Does anyone know what to stack with MENT 50 or Trestolone?

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    Does anyone know what to stack with MENT 50 or Trestolone?


    I came across some ment 50 for some research purposes.
    My guinea pig looks like he is ready for more research, however I can't find any information on what to stack with trest.
    I was thinking something like-

    Test C 500mg /wk
    Trest 50mg/ day
    Tren 100 mg /wk

    Is that too much? To little?
    I'm only asking because I can't find advice anywhere on what trest is compatable with and what to stack it with.
    Thanks- The guinea pig will appreciate it.

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    If you're gonna run trest and tren I'd either run a little caber or at the very least have prami on hand. You may want to run some kind of AI as trest is a bit wet and possibly consider using mast instead of test...

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