high Estrogen on cycle, how 2use Arimedex 2Cure ED??

  1. high Estrogen on cycle, how 2use Arimedex 2Cure ED??

    Hey I am new here.. But I am surfing the web for some help.. I have been in the gym for 33 years and using testosterone for 13 yrs.. I am not a newbie.. I have actually been a Mod on a past board so I do have some knowledge.. though I am humble enough to know that I do not know (everything)... So if you guys would help I would appreciate it..

    Ok.. my Test level was 750 mg per week.. 1mg arimidex twice a week and 10 mg of nolva twice a week.. thats it.. just a text cycle.. I have decided not to use anything else except Deca in low doses.. My labs showed a level of Estradoil of 118... Norm 7.6 to 42.6 pg/ml.. almost 3 times higher than the normal upper limit.. Ok so here it the problem.. I never did much about my estrogen because I was feeling ok.. however as time went on.. I started to have trouble getting an erection... I do know its caused by the High Estrogen.. So I started to up my dosage of Arimidex and Nolva to this:
    1 mg ED of Arimidex.. And 20mg of Nolva ed... I dropped my Test to 550mg/wk..(enanthate) I will take it back down to 400 mg slowly..Then Probably to 200 or 300 mg each week.... I have been doing the increase in arimidex and nolvadex for about six days.. Today being saturday 1-12-13, I am starting to get wood during my rem sleep and aroused at wake up... So i know the estrogen is going out..

    Should I regulate the arimidex/Nolva down as I start to feel better ????.. When Should i do it??? Say .5 Ed Arim and nolva to 10 mg ed.. Then as I even start to feel more better should I drop the dosage to .5 eod and 10 Eod respectively??.. As I lower the test to 400 or 300..
    MY concern is that I will go to no Estradoil... That is not good.. i know it will also kill my erections if I go that low.. So I dont want to go down too quickly.. NOT below the 7.6 for sure... I need some info from the guys who may have been in the same situation or have knowledge of the arimidex dosages.. - your thoughts if anyone has knowledge..

    Also how long does it take for the estrogen to leave the body??

    I plan to switch to aromison on my next order which will be in a very short time.. I like the idea of a suicide inhibitor..

    Thanks guys..
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  2. you are misinformed on what these drugs are used for.

  3. I dont think so.. nolvadex or tamoxifin is a blocker of Estrogen, for breast cancer primarily, and Arimidex or anastrozole is an inhibitor keeping estrogen from forming..
    If I am wrong then please enlighten me...

  4. Dude. Im gonna spell this out as simple as possible. When u block estrogen, in most cases, libido will take a plunge along with it. It is NOT high estrogen causing ur problems. Adex has a reputation for killing libido as does nolva (somewhat). Youve been in the gym longer than ive been alive and i know these drugs like the back of my dick lol. IMO ur only making ur problem worse. If ur having ED its bc u have NO ESTROGEN or ur prolactin is fked up from the deca (which also is also notorious for ED). U should have have been on caber from the start. In addition ur adex dose should have been .25-.5mg EOD. Ur taking twice that everyday and nolva which shouldnt be used on cycle at all.

    btw dont lower the test. Its the only thing keeping ur libido right now. I pray u havent been doing this for 13 years straight...

  5. Also in terms of libido, it is not the test or the estrogen alone that can cause it. It is the way the two hormones balance along with prolactin, which by reading ur post again is most likely the culprit. The two drugs ur on will do nothing to fix that. CABER.

  6. You could be right.. I could have overblocked it.. Not on deca... I have not been for a year.. I was at 750 mg oftest per week.. Given this I thought that maybe my estrogen was high releativeto the 1 adex twice a week and 10 mg of nolva twice a week.. It was perscribedby my doc relative to a 200 mg/wk test injection.. I. But given I Did 1 mgevery day or adex and 20 mg ed of nolva for the last week and I have notimproved.. probably worse.. I am probably low on estrogen.. I am gonna takelabs first.. the next time I decide to make an uneducated decision I wont!! IWill get my labs done before I make any decisions..

    I will be on test the rest of my life.. my body was not making much test when iwas 35.. a level of 86.. it was then I was first having trouble and to thatpoint I never took a steroid... But I never really did much with anti e's .. Iused Liquidex before but I am not even sure that **** is real.. ha.. but I knowwhat I am taking now is real its from my pharmacy..

    Read this:
    Arimidex (Anastrozole) Explained
    "Arimidex is an aromatase inhibitor used to lowercirculating estrogen. It was developed to help fight breast cancer as estrogenplays a role in the growth of cancer cells. Arimidex binds reversibly to thearomatase enzyme through competitive inhibition. This suppresses the conversionof androgens into estrogen. Circulating plasma estrogen can be reduced bynearly 85% in women using Arimidex. A common misconception is that aromataseinhibition is similar in men than women.

    However in trials when males were administered 1mg of Arimidex daily,circulating estrogen was only reduced by about 50%. Anastrozole is rapidly absorbedorally (time to reach maximum concentration, 1 h) with a slow apparentclearance of 1.54 liters/h and a terminal half-life of 46.8 h. Because Arimidexreversibly binds to the aromatase enzyme, once you stop taking it the aromataseenzyme is free to convert androgens such as testosterone into estrogen again.This is sometimes referred to as estrogen rebound. Other aromatase inhibitorslike Aromasin are irreversible and therefore are less likely to cause estrogenrebound."

    "Arimidex may be used during a steroid cycle with aromatizing compoundsand during PCT to help keep the estrogen to testosterone balance in favor oftestosterone. However because Arimidex is a reversible aromatase inhibitor itmay not be the best AI for PCT. From the data I have read and my years ofexperience with this medication, 0.5mg of Arimidex every other day is a goodstarting point on moderate doses of testosterone. If testosterone doses areraised then 0.5mg to 1mg daily may be needed to control estrogen. Since eitherhigh and low estrogen can cause side effects such as low libido only labs candetermine the appropriate dose of Arimidex."

    The whole Article can be found on this addy
    -- Ok they wont let me post the web address.. cuz i am only 4 posts to date andi need 150 to be allowed to post.. its on musclehemistry dot com.. so searchdiscussion 60828 or
    Arimidex (Anastrozole) Explained... it was written by thesite director.. big n wv

    NOTE ARMIDEX at 1 mg daily may not be a severe inhibitor, especially when myestrogen levels were so high on my last blood test in November.. 118...RememberI was on 750 mg of test per week.. thats not a small amount.. I have been onhigher but never had problems..

    we shall see if your correct when I get my results.. Ihave the script for the blood work so I will go tomorrow to a lab... if you arecorrect I applaud you.. if your not then maybe you will have learnedsomething.. We are all here to learn.. Either way thanks for you help..

    My body is conflicting in its evidence.. I have signs of both high and lowestrogen.. but what i am lacking is any sign of emotions like a woman.. so itmay be low estrogen.. I was very tired lately.. thats high estrogen.. also myProstate was not enlarged.. thats caused by test levels being high.. and highlevels of estrogen will shrink the prostrate.. so we shall see..

    CABER is not used because I am not on deca.. and my prolactin is probablyfine..

    I will know if your correct or not after my blood results come back in..

    Yes I know I have been in this a long time.. but not straigh for 13 years.. Andyes I am still learning my own body.. It does change as we age.. Like I said..I will be on test for the rest of my life when I was 35 i was way below normalat a level of 86

  7. ok figgdaddy your wrong.. my dosage of 1mg arimidex and 20mg of tomoxafin ED was correct.. my blood tests still showed elevated estrogen.. So I a sorry to tell you that your wrong but your are.. so next time dont be so anxious to make a point.. I do know what these drugs do.. and I have been doing this longer than you have been alive.. and my body proves it..

    for everyone else who runs into this problem.. follow a protocol that takes your levels down.. Be concerned that your not going too much on the arim or nolva but i can tell we are all different.. it took me about a week to knock it down.. my level was 118 and it just came back today at 43.8 on estrogen.. i want to be under 40.. So I am going to reduce my intake of arimidex to 1 mg eod and tomoxafin 10mg eod on opposite days and i will retest 7 days from now to see where my level settles in at... i

    the blood test was only 65 dollars so its well worth it.. just an estradoil test... do yourself a favor and do get bloodwork if your going to do steroids... Way too many problems can happen if you get ur body out of wack..

  8. you dont defy science einstein


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