Gyno reverse help!

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  1. Use a test booster like clomid

  2. Thanks bro

  3. UPDATE after my freak out I decided to taper up all the way to 2.5, I only felt the side effects (achey joints and low sex drive) the first 3 days and besides a little pain in my thumbs I'm perfectly fine at 2.5. I guess I'm pretty lucky im not experiencing side effects like other people. the one lump is completely gone and the other is almost gone and finally almost no pain. I'm guessing a couple more days it will be gone and then I will continue for another 7 days just to make sure, taper down, and then start using nolva afterwards for 2-3 weeks. Which dosage do you guys recommend?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Husker89 View Post
    the only thing that worked for me is masteron, stanodrol, and .5 pramipexole twice a week, KILLED MY GYNO
    how long did you have it before you started this reversal stack?
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  5. Not exactly sure, I ended my cycle of that stuff back in September and I don't think I noticed it until like November or December and it progressively got worse. So it could be as much as 4 months that I've had it or as little as 2. Also both nipple are still puffy. I did have pubertal gyno at around age 14/15-16/18 and went away on its own so at first I really didn't put 2 and 2 together because I had this before and thought it would go away on its own

  6. That's some good info in those articles. I'm not sure what you ended up doing but once you taper off overlap the last few days switch over to a suicidal AI to inhibit estrogen rebound.

  7. Another update. Sort of strange how this liquid letro worked. The first day I started with .5 and I got hit hard. I felt achey and my joints hurt as I tapered up to 1.5 it still hurt but as I went up to 2.5 everything went away. I've been on 2.5 for almost 2 weeks and I feel like it's not working anymore. My left side still I think got rid of the lump a good amount but my right was seemed to have been going down but now back to where it was before and both are still puffy. Seems like my body fought it off or something. Anyone have anything similar?


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