D-zine cycle

  1. D-zine cycle

    ey guys so I've ran a cycle of Hdrol about 6 months ago and expirenced zero side effects, about 5 pounds, no fat, wasnt expecting much
    more from Hdrol really. I want to run D-zine now as I've heard it's good, obviously more potent but still not crazy sides and what not. So
    here's what I ran with Hdrol just wanna check and see if this would be ok with d-zine too or if I need to up/add something to the stack.
    Any help is great thanks! Pre- garlic/hawthorn berry, milk thistle, multivitamin/omegas During-same as pre with creatine/pwos Post-nolvadex/Als PCT all in one pill for 4 weeks/and same as pre and during

  2. Cant critique w.o stats and dosing. Are you saying your pct is nolva and an ai in one pill or was that regarding support supps during pct?

  3. Sorry my computer messed up the spacing so it's a little confusing. Yes my pct was nolva at 20/20/10/10 then I ran the "pct all in one caps" by ai nutrition as 4 a day for a month.

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