19nor powder

  1. 19nor powder

    what is the best thing to mix the 19nor powder with? olive oil?

  2. darius
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    A transdermal. Nutraplanet has some.

  3. what does nutra have? the transdermal matrix? or a 19nor trans

  4. there t-gel is out of stock

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    there t-gel is out of stock

  6. Penetrate comes in 8 oz. but it says each bottle has 96-120 squirts. This is confusing because, my 4 oz. bottle of 4-derm has 150 squirts.

  7. yes, quite confusing, I think really what matter is how many grams it can support. for 15 buck, its 15grams which is pretty good


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